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How to choose right color for brand?


There are a number of serious scientific study and a whole branch of marketing that studies the importance and impact of color on the behavior of people in life situations, and people’s behavior as consumers. In this article we’ll try to help you to choose right color for brand.

The colors are one of the essential elements of the marketing communication to the consumer. There is a correlation between certain colors, consumer groups, and product or service. Same color are the qualities of light in different ways reflected on the matter around us. More important than the definition of dull feelings that pervade us when we see a color and connotations that are bonded thereto. On our, subjective feelings advertising companies communicate products according to specific customer segments.

The color of fire and revolution
One of the most important color in the marketing sense is red. It symbolizes dynamism, strength, happiness, aggression and sexuality. Throughout history is symbolized by the revolutionary process and quite often used in the re-branding of a known product.

Sky Blue
Blue is the symbol of loyalty, truth, immortality and spirituality. It works by relaxing so ins campaign has the purpose to appease consumers and make them safe. Quite often used in airlines and insurance companies. In America, this is favorite color, and proven calms blood pressure.

The colors of nature
The qualities of green colors are soothing and gentle feelings, as directly tied to nature. This color suggests relaxation and healing, and quite often used on the packaging of healthy and environmentally conscious products. Yellow color symbolizes happiness, spirituality, intellect, creativity and imagination. It is the color of creativity, warmth and joy. This color is trying to attract temperamental, extroverted people who think and live proactively.

Achromatic colors
White and black, like no other, symbolizing the contrary. The white color symbolizes the order, innocence, honesty and observance. This color is attractive to intellectuals who are looking for a modern product, but also to researchers and urban population. Black is contradictory. Consumers have either like it or dislike it. The traditional symbol of evil, sorrow and adversity and yet elegant, mysterious, sexy and strong. Used by companies that have superior products, already proven in the market. This color especially like people who do not hold a lot of authority, conventionality and rules.

The colors are one of the largest manufacturers of stimulants in campaigns. It’s the first thing the customer sees and with the design is crucial on the formation of consumer opinions about a product. In the large competition you should carefully choose colors that are targeting your customer segment and help them in highlighting the special features of your product and company.

Below you can check infographic about choosing the right color for brand: