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Internet Connectivity- Who Does It Best

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Internet Conectivity- Who Does It Best

With only swipe of the mouse and few clicks on keyboard we have possibility to access to big amount of information. But if your internet is too slow and connection speed is lagging, then waiting for that video to buffer or page to load can seem like whole eternity. In today’s digital and technological advanced age, it’s almost of fundamental importance to have an access to high speed internet. But, still some parts of the world are left out in cold. So if you want the best connection in the wold, where would you like to travel? For your surprise it’s not the America. You would need to book the ticket to South Korea. South Korea is considered as home to fastest connection of internet in the world. On second and third place are Hong Kong and Japan, but United States are sitting far away on just fifteenth place, this is just one place improvement from 5 years ago. Switzerland is on the fourth place with the speed of 14.5 Mbps, Sweden is on fifth place with 14.1 Mbps, Netherlands on sixth with 14 Mbps.

Ireland is on seventh with 13.98, Latvia on eight with 13.4 Mbps, Czech Republic is on 9th place with 12.3 and Singapore is number 10 with 12.2 Mbps. Did you knew that almost 50% of South Koreans are regularly playing video games and 75% of them are also playing online games. Also, the global connection speed is average of 4.5 Mbps. If you wonder where is the fastest connection in America only, well you would have to move to Delaware where they have connection speed of 17.4 Mbps. It’s not South Korea but still faster then rest of USA and the world too. What’s even more, next on the list is Washington which is tied to Hong Kong as second fastest connection on Earth. South Korea is also country with the fastest mobile internet in the world with an average speed of 18.2 Mbps. America has mobile speed only 5.8 Mbps which is really average making it 18th on the list.

This is really bad for America to contrast what is available in other countries. South Korean mobile internet is faster then US broadband connection. In Vietnam, users on mobile phone are waiting less that second for site to load, actually 0.68.  US citizens are waiting 4.442 seconds but Brazil 9.986 seconds and almost 7 seconds for broadband connection which is really short end of the stick. The average speed of loading pages on broadband connection s 2.82 seconds and on mobile phones 4.44 seconds.

If you are curious what is your current connection speed you can run speed test at http://www.speedtest.net/ and find out in few seconds. So how are your results comparing to other ones?  Did the speed surprised you?