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The Basics of CBD: Understanding Oil Tincture, Edibles and Smokeables

With the rise of the popularity of several alternative methods of treatment, medicinal cannabis has started to grow as popular as well. Being legalized in several countries around the world, the convenience and accessibility of medicinal cannabis have made it one of the best forms of alternative medicine out there.

However, medicinal cannabis still has its drawbacks, and the main one is its psychotropic effects. This is caused due to a compound found in the plant’s structure known as THC. THC can affect our senses, making it an unreliable medical alternative for certain people, like those who ride cars daily or deal with dangerous equipment or chemicals.

With that said, there’s a new alternative to medicinal cannabis that has gained as much popularity nowadays, that it even earned its national day. This alternative is known as CBD. The reason why people have been preferring CBD over medicinal cannabis is that this specific compound can achieve the same results, without its psychotropic side effects.

This article will talk about how CBD works, what it can do, the choices you have for commercial products, and how to choose between them.

Understanding Why CBD Works Like That

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Medicinal cannabis has two main components: THC and CBD. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD stands for cannabidiol. Both compounds are capable of affecting our system beneficially, but THC is well known for getting us high.

However, there’s another option to medicinal cannabis, known as the hemp plant. In comparison to cannabis, this plant has really low THC levels and much higher CBD levels. That is why most products based on cannabidiol, like the ones showcased at CheefBotanicals, are derived from this plant.

This is also the reason why these products don’t get people high, making them a much more reliable alternative as medicinal products because of their safety. Different products work in different ways, though, despite achieving the same results. This can make some people gravitate towards a specific type of product instead of another, but how does CBD work?

How Does It Work, Though?

Cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol work pretty similarly. They target a compound of neurotransmitters ubicated in many areas of our body, which can influence many aspects of it. This group of neurotransmitters is known as the endocannabinoid system, and you can learn a lot more detailed information about it over here. However, we will cover the most important aspects of it so you can understand how it can influence us, and how CBD can benefit us.

Reducing Inflammation and Pain Relief

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Some of the neurotransmitters inside the endocannabinoid system can alter how our body reacts to injuries and certain physical conditions. The most important aspect of this reaction is our inflammatory reaction.

This can be of great help if someone has suffered from an incident, or constantly suffers from inflammatory diseases, making it a great form of alternative treatment for senior people, who are very prompt to suffering from inflammatory diseases and joint problems. Of course, this can also alleviate the pain caused by said physical conditions, since reducing inflammation is a good way to reduce pain and recover some mobility.

Good Aid for Sleeping Disorders

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You see, cannabidiol is well known for causing a relaxation effect as well, besides reducing inflammation and calming down pain. This can be incredibly useful for those who fight again insomnia and other similar sleeping disorders, improving their overall quality of sleep.

I started to use cannabidiol as a way to fight against insomnia I’ve been dealing with since I was very young, and it works better for me than any sleeping pill, just because the side effects are less of a hassle and can even be considered harmless in comparison.

Why People Like CBD so Much

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The most important aspect of CBD is how convenient it can be. You see, although research about medical products derived from cannabidiol is still young, there’s one thing we can say as stated over here www.nature.com and is that it is pretty safe in comparison to other more traditional drugs.

Side effects only include things like diarrhea and vomiting, and they can be easily managed by reducing the dosage consumed. Yet, the fact that you can pretty much get your hands on CBD-based products on the internet, or any medicinal cannabis store is what makes it so appealing.

This grants access to a medicine that works for many people who might not have a lot of money to get tested or exams to check their conditions or get their hands on expensive drugs that might not be accessible without a prescription.

This is the reason why it is so popular among senior people that suffer from arthritis, because of its effectiveness its accessibility, and its cheap price in comparison to painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Edibles, Oil Tinctures, and Smokeable Strains

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There are three main ways to consume CBD. Oil tinctures are among the most used since they can be found almost everywhere and can be used along with other things. Just like edibles, they might take some time to kick in, from 30 minutes to an hour, but provide long-lasting effects, going for 2 to 5 hours at most.

This option is recommended for those who suffer from long-lasting inflammation and pain. Edibles are only different in the way that they might be more expensive and you have to consume them before their expiration date, but virtually speaking, they work similarly to oils and tinctures.

Smokable strains and vaping oils are much stronger, since they kick in fast, taking only about 10 minutes to cause and effect. The effect is much stronger, providing relief and relaxation in a very reliable way, but the effect doesn’t last as much. This option is recommended for people with very painful conditions, inflammatory diseases, or panic attacks.