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Basics of Magento 2 Improved Layered Navigation Extension – 2024 Guide

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Today every customer wants the product they are looking for in front of their eyes. They don’t want to keep on searching and scrolling for the product they want to purchase.

If you are involved in an ecommerce business, and you want your customers to have a hassle-free shopping experience, the best product to use is the Improved Layered Navigation Extension by Magento 2. To know about this new feature, you can check the platform Amasty

What is Improved Layered Navigation Extension?

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This is one of the essential tools that can be used for improving product search filtering by your customers. The best part about the Improved Layered Navigation extension is that it helps in the optimization of store navigation and helps the customers to find their desired products quickly and conveniently. Layered Navigation filters display on the Catalog and Search result pages. The Layered Navigation extension shows the product results instantly by filter selections without reloading the whole page.

Some of the major categories included in this section include category, price, and filters with additional features. You can also add certain additional features like rating filter and stock filters by the use of this extension. The attribute filter will enable you to add filters like price, size, color, and material of the product. Thus, you will get access to your choice of products with maximum convenience.

Benefits of Layered Navigation Extension for store

Multiple benefits are provided by this extension. Some of the major benefits include:

Speeds up the product search

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The biggest benefit of using this navigation extension is that it helps all matching results to appear instantly. Thus, instead of loading all pages, it loads pages as per the attributes and filters you have used. This way, the customer’s time is saved, and your site performance is also improved. Since the page load time is very less, your customers won’t get distracted, and they will think about returning to your website and store again and again.

Multi-select attributes

Each product attribute comes up with multiple choices. Thus customers can easily use filters one by one. Thus, one time they can use the filter color, and the other time they can use the filter price. This way, they will be able to load the results quickly as per the selected options and the filters.

Vertical and horizontal navigation blocks

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These blocks will help you to get different filter types like sliders, radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdowns in the vertical as well as horizontal navigation. You can easily set the vertical scrolling to filter higher than the defined pixels. In addition to this, you can also display top filters in horizontal boxes and horizontal dropdowns.

Advanced menu

The advanced menu option will help you to display a category tree. This will help you in choosing different modes of category display. You can show the category in whatever manner you want. You can choose between the dropdown or with sub categories or static 2-level category trees that come up with collapse and expand controls.

Some of the major advanced menus include

  1. Rating and stock filter: this will help you to filter the product collection as per ratings and stock filter. The rating feature will be displayed, and it will enable you to show multiple filter options with different rating levels. The customers will be able to find high-rated products in an instant.
  2. Shop by brand filter: some customers are brand conscious, and they want to purchase products only from a particular brand. Thus the shop by a brand filter will enable them to shop as per the brands of their choice. You can also create a custom brand page by using unique content. You can also add catchy logos and brand sliders to the pages.
  3. Benefits of SEO optimization: the Magento layered navigation extension also makes user-friendly URLs for all left side filter pages. In addition to this, it also helps in creating custom URLs for different categories and brand pages.

Features of the Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension

Speed loading

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One of the best features of the Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension is that it allows you to reload the entire page in an instant. Thus, instead of reloading the whole page, the matching items will be reflected immediately after using the filter. Thus, it will improve the performance of your website, and it will also lead to better levels of customer satisfaction.


Every customer is looking for different aspects and attributes when they are making the purchase. They desire more than one option and feature in the items they are selecting. Thus, the use of multi-filter is quite beneficial for customers as they can easily purchase products as per their needs and requirements. The customer can easily apply different filters to choose the product of their choice instantly.

Price slider

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By using the drag and drop menu, you can easily manage the price range on the slider. Thus, you can load multiple products from the whole page, as per your price requirement in an instant. The price slider works well with all kinds of designs and displays.

SEO friendly URL

The short and simple filter URL will make your website simple and easy to navigate. In addition to this, customers will also remember your website easily and instantly. SEO friendly URL will also improve the ranking of your store on different search engines, thereby offering multiple benefits.

Quick lookup

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The best part about this navigation extension is that customers won’t get confused in finding different filters they want. They can get multiple options by applying different filters like sizes, brands, materials, and prices.

Other features

Some of the other features provided by Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension includes:

Filter by product state

You can also complete the filter by new items, sold items, or recent arrivals, and even the stock status.

Filter by ratings

If you are someone who believes in the rating system, this filter can be better for you as you can easily find the products as per the best ratings and worst ratings.

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