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Your Website Is Not Enough: Ways to Start Digital Marketing Today – 2024 Guide

We live in an increasingly connected world where most tasks can be completed online. For small business owners, this means they are facing more competition than ever and must maintain an online presence to thrive. At least, that’s what many business owners are told. But in 2024, what does it mean to have an “online presence”?

Well, for many business owners, they believe simply having a website is enough to get customers, clicks, or views. However, that is not true in an online marketplace where hundreds and probably thousands of competitors also have a site. Yes, you should have a website, but you also need to find ways to market it to your customers or followers.

And that’s where digital marketing comes in. This is a way to jump up and down shouting amidst a sea of competitors. By using digital marketing, you are making your website visible to people across the internet. Let’s use an example to highlight the point. Imagine you operate a website that offers recommendations on the best online casinos to visit, such as casino.netbet.co.uk. You want to attract visitors to read your reviews, but how do you do it if no-one knows your website exists?

You use digital marketing, and below we will discuss some fundamental digital marketing ideas that can help your small business grow:

What Is Digital Marketing?

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You may have heard the term digital marketing but not understand exactly what it is. That’s because digital marketing is a catch-all term that does not focus on one specific thing. Having a social media presence for your business is digital marketing, as is sending off monthly emails to subscribers. Below are the main areas that go into a successful digital marketing campaign:

Why You Need Digital Marketing for Your Small Business

Even the Play Field Against Major Competitors

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In the past, companies with the most resources and money would be able to reach more people. However, online marketing has reduced the gap between large and small businesses. Thanks to the affordability and equality of digital marketing, startups and influencers can reach a target audience efficiently.

Target the Specific Customers You Want

Many small businesses have a target consumer or audience, but often they are unsure how to reach those people. Digital marketing allows you to create a strategy where you specifically target your customer base. Whether it’s through ads or social media content, you can cut a direct line between your business and the consumer.

Access Social Media

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While it is a myth social media is the only digital marketing you need, there’s no doubt it is hugely important. In many ways, social media networks like Facebook roll up most digital marketing tools under one roof. You can speak directly to consumers, you can run a marketing campaign at little cost, you can directly advertise products or services, and you can provide ways to direct traffic to your website.

What should you pay attention to? We’ll cover some basic steps of a good online marketing:

1. Create Awesome Content

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Quality content is what makes a difference between your brand and all the others. Not only quality, but valuable and unique content is what every business owner should go for. This means that content you put out there should be engaging enough to drive traffic to your website as well as customer’s profitable action. We call it valuable if your customers want to consume it rather than just avoid it and continue scrolling. Great stories are what grabs everyone’s attention, so talented storytellers can make your brand really stand out. Building trust with your audience in the long term as well as creating an ongoing relationship by providing them with high-quality content on a daily basis, is the most effective way to present your product or service in the digital world. Try to think of something that only you have, and show people the story behind it. They will love it!

2. Use the advantages of Pay-Per-Click ads

Pay per click advertising is a very interesting way to market your business, as it’s one of the models of the internet marketing where you pay a small fee whenever some of your ads are being clicked. In other words, it means that you buy the visits to your site instead of earning them gradually over time or “organically”, how it is often called. This allows you to get more traffic and to attract new customers by showing up first when someone googles a keyword that’s related to what you offer as a business owner. Google Ads is currently the most popular system of advertisement on the planet. Google itself gets and delivers the biggest amounts of traffic, making it a perfect place for advertising. The process of using this marketing tool includes crafting a list of keywords that will be effective, making good ad copy with a call-to-action and good design quality.

3. Use both Email and Social Media

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You’d be surprised by the efficiency of email marketing compared to social media. Social media has ruled the world but emails have stayed a crucial element in anyone’s digital presence. Why is it like that? It is essential for your business because almost every person checks his email before doing anything else in the morning (or in the evening). However, having multiple channels or ways to reach your goals is essential, and you should work both on your email marketing as well as social media. This way, you’ll reach the vast majority of customers, as social media offer you the chance to speak to a larger audience. On the other hand, you have to grow your contacts list slowly and gradually, to make it more personal, direct and relationship-focused. In your emails, every customer or client needs to feel like you’re speaking directly to them, and you’re tailoring everything by their needs.

Combining several great strategies will give you fantastic results, rather than choosing one that may seem like it’s the best. Being patient, attentive to details and up-to-date with new strategies is what will lead you towards global recognition!