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Social Networks Ad Dimensions Cheat Sheet


Why is social media advertising so important? Well, social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn today have become so important and it is essential part of the presentation and communication of companies on the Internet. Today users search terms across social networks, not only on search engines like Google or Yahoo. You need to start imagining a social media like virtual world where all internet users spend their time. If you want to find them somewhere, it will be easier to search right there.

Social networks offer the possibility of advertising at lower costs, and offer the possibility of new ways of advertising. As with communication with readers, for advertising on social networks, imagination is the most important, also innovation and discovery of a large number of fans, ie. In this case the target audience. A combination of the above will soon show positive results, evidenced by the comments and users on your social networks.

All ad dimensions in one infographic

If you are a new in social media advertising and intending to start your own campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Linkedln, you should know that each of this social network has own ad dimensions. To help you choose the right ad dimensions for particular social network, we bring you the infographic cheat sheet for Facebok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and AdWords prepared by Dot Com Infoway.

ads dimensions cheat sheet


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