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How to Succeed Using the Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Success 2024


The ultimate cheat sheet for success  actually is a list of mistakes that are very common among many of us. I have made all of the those mistakes over the past years. Believe it or not many of us are still making those mistakes regardless. This article will aim to motivate you, encourage you to trust your knowledge, abilities and creativity. It will also show you how vulnerable is the human brain to negative thoughts and personalities. We make mistakes daily for which we regret later on. The secret is to learn and never repeat.

It has been a while since my last motivating post. I wanted to undertake a new business venture and learn from my own mistakes. I decided to trust my brain and my own abilities.

Hesitation is the Ultimate Killer of Your Own Success

Do you remember the movie “The Wolf on Wall Street”?

The best part of that movie is that none of the guys had their hesitation towards what they were doing. I have always wanted to go into trading stocks. Some people are money motivated and there is nothing wrong with that. I am money motivated myself. So did I overcome hesitation? Last year at this time, I had one of the most boring jobs. I literally hated this job. However, my hesitation towards the first step has always been a difficult move. Fear of change and the unknown brings big confusion for the human brain. Hence, the majority of us will hesitate to take the first step.

I was confused at the time and scared to move on. I was closed in a room full of desperate people looking for change. In fact, that change will never come to reality for those people if nobody makes the first step. I eventually quit my job just like that. I have started to travel and ended up in a place where, I did not like that much. However,  I started to realize things I was never able before.

Anyway the point is that, I went into trading just like that as I quit my job. I did hesitate for more than two weeks though. You will not be able to get rid of your hesitation completely. What you have to do is practice and take some baby steps, while using the ultimate cheat sheet for success.

Invest Smart

Nowadays with the crypto technology there is so much to learn. The only thing that stopped me from trying was my  own hesitation and that was the reason why I postponed my success. For example, many of you did not think that Bitcoin will reach $5,000 per coin right?. My personal advice is to be brave and bold and to take smart risks. Everything in life has a risk. I recommend, you do your own research and take an action, after all knowledge is power. After two long weeks of considering everything and my research I decided to go into crypto trading.

I have not yet become a millionaire but it makes me happy to learn new things and overcome my own fears brought to me, by my own hesitation. Overall, success is not only money. Success is the perfect balance between happiness and doing what you love.

Surround Yourself with the Right People and Mimic Them.

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Human See, Human Do!

Part of your cheat sheet for success is to be surrounded by people that can do stuff and you can learn from them. If you do not have any influencing people in your life or family, do not panic! You can pick on from anywhere around the world and if you are smart enough you might be able to gain their attention. However, hesitation of rejection might be your worst enemy again.

Try to overcome this annoying thoughts  first, once you master that, everything else will be easy. I have read one very good book that helped me to change my thinking about, how the world works and get my way around hesitation. The title of the book is: “The 4-hour work week”. I will not put any amazon links into into the post as you might think, this guy will make money  from the book sales. No, in fact I will not make money. I am trying to influence your thinking and encourage you to do stuff.

I started to mimic people from the books, articles and YouTube vlogs I have read and seen. You do not have to move out from the comfort of your own chair to change your attitude towards positive direction.

Frustration and Anger is Part of the Cheat Sheet for Success

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I am not perfect and If someone tells you that somebody is perfect, I can tell you right away that you are heading into deep illusion.

I am getting frustrated thousands times a day over the things I do. At the end, I ask myself is there any point of doing that? Does my frustration and anger will make me feel better?  What will I achieve if I am angry and frustrated over my own mistakes. The answer to all of the above is absolutely nothing. In Fact, being angry and frustrated hurts your ability towards your creativity. It will prevent unleashing your problem solving abilities.

To avoid the anger and frustration to very high levels, I recommend just to back off from the problem  and distract your mind with something positive. Perhaps, you might want to take a mental break for a while because the more you are looking into the problem the more “blind” you become the see the solution.

After you cool off, come back with a cup of coffee and begin again. Try to think outside of the box. Go and do your research and see what other people have achieved.

I know that this sounds so easy and obvious to most of you. However, believe it or not these are the facts and people still do the same common mistakes over and over again. The cheat sheet for success will only motivate you.What will each one of you will do is not up to this article, it is up to you!The point of this article is help you realize and see things that we sometimes ignore.

If you have any other suggestion towards this article, please let me know in the comment or via our social media. I would be happy to add it in this ultimate cheat sheet for success.