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Social Media Issues and the Consequences in Our Personal Lives – 2024 Review


Our social media issues start from the day you create an account. We are living in a world where we are connected to each other via the technology of the new generation. The new technology has brought tools for the advertisers to spy on our lives and study not only our behavior but our personalities and also “interrogate” personal lives.

Last year alone in the US, the time spent on the social media accounts for 20%.

The approximate time spent on the social media is 118 minutes per day. The amount of time has risen dramatically since 2012 and the trend will continue.

Social media issues

It is human nature to be liked, loved and accepted and this is the concept behind social media issues. Nowadays, the notification center of our phones gets flooded by the incoming notifications pushed by the social media apps. You might be thinking, how something small and insignificant can have such huge impact on our lives. This little insignificant details actually bring huge significant real life issues.

Our lives are public and all the information about us is exposed on the internet stored on the cloud. The real irony is that we clicked the “Yes” button to agree on the terms and conditions, which not even one single person  ever reads actually.

After this massive exposure everyone, knows where do you work, what do you like, what  interests do you have etc. The list with information goes on and on. This hides issues, which start to affect and interfere with our personalities.

The reason for these simple social media issues is that everyone that is connected to you is entitled to an opinion. It  is very difficult to break away from the crowd, without the crowd criticizing you. This comes with the connectivity of 21st century.

Life is a Casino

Social media issues

Life is too short to spend 396.48 min per day on average browsing the social media. Imagine you are in the casino and you are sat on the table, all of your chips is represented as the people’s opinion etc.

After 10 min you have to hand in all of your chips back to the casino. Why would you care so much, what others think anyway? The casino is waiting and always wins. There is no time for regrets and thoughts about what if this happened or what if that happened? It is time to stop living picturing yourself in someone else’s life.

It is time to open your mind and take your path in life and perusing your goals. The influence of the social media issues is so intense that sometimes we forget who we are and what are our goals in life.


Most of the time people have regrets about their life. These regrets come from the simple fact that people did not try to live the life they were supposed to live. Long before the social media family and friends were the factors to influence your own decisions. You were expected to do something,  just because someone else told you to.

The problem with social media is exactly the same. Many people look at other people’s life and they want to be them. They set the expectations themselves and get disappointed along the way. What you see on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. This is the end result of people’s life. This is long row of events that have had happened before this picture or a post is taking you too far away from your own ideas.

We should all focus on our own lives and stop expecting us to do what other people do. This certainly does not mean that, you should not use social media as an inspiration. You can learn from other people’s mistakes but you should not take their lives. You should not forget and regret on the way to do, whatever you love in life, because this is the most important.

People Pleasing Is Impossible

You cannot live a live expecting to please everyone around you. This is impossible. However, we do get sometimes in the trap to please people, whether at work or personal life. It is impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations. By this, you are failing to please the most important person in your life and this is you.

The technology and the social media issues aimed at our lives are too big to be able to comprehend. What we can do is focus on us and what will make us happy.