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5 Big Advantages of Professional TV Mounting Services in 2024

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Technological progress in various spheres hasn’t bypassed television. There’s almost no home that owns that old heavy device with only a few channels available. Today, modern living rooms predominate – and they simply can’t be imagined without a large, LCD TV on the wall in a specially decorated environment in the form of brick, stone, or some other modern architectural solution. And it’s not all about beauty. The comfort that watching TV while snuggling down on your favorite sofa gives you is invaluable. The huge screen allows you to watch the content without straining your eyes, as long as it’s at the appropriate distance. Wall mounting saves space in the room, giving it a modern look and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Mounting on a wall may seem so easy – like, you’re just going to grab it and hang it. But in fact, the process is a little more complicated. This isn’t the only complex part of the process though. To ensure the top quality of watching movies, series, or entertainment shows, you will first need a good aerial. TV-Aerials-UK.co.uk reminds you to think about this aspect as well since they keep offering aerial mounting services all over the UK. Yes, we know what you might think – you’re sure you can do it. Really – no need to hire anybody. However, we wouldn’t advise it as such a decision can result in damage that will make you regret trying to be so smart later.

Simply put, not every person has enough skills necessary for proper and safe TV mounting of the TV, so it would definitely be wiser to turn to experts. Here are some reasons why you should do it, too.

1. Professionals have all the equipment

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You can’t access any installation without the proper equipment and tools. For that reason, this is the first thing you need to remember when you think about how you can do everything by yourself. Fixing the bracket, as well as mounting a large TV requires certain tools that not every house has.

The professional wall mount service you hire will send you experts trained for this job. They have all the required skills to handle all the tools that are necessary in this case. That’s why it’s better to have them bring all the equipment – this way, you won’t have to think about it: you’ll just wait for it to be finished.

If you try to install it by yourself, it might happen that you realize you’re missing something halfway through the process. This means that you won’t be able to help yourself immediately, and then it’s too late to give a call to an expert company. Therefore, in order not to get into a situation like this, relax and leave everything to those with more experience.

2. The TV will be set right

After you thought that you could do everything by yourself, you start reading the installation instructions and for a moment it looks like a rather easy task. You find all the tools you have in your house and start measuring the wall to position your device exactly in the middle. ‘Well done, you’re a star’, you’re thinking to yourself. But then you slowly move away from the wall and realize that the position of the device is everything except straight.

We’re sure that this is the last thing you want to see after so much effort. We can’t even imagine your frustration when you realize you have to do everything from the scratch. Therefore, ask yourself – do you really want to take this risk just because you’re stubborn? Not really, right?

With a professionally placed holder by trained craftsmen, you’ll have a properly centered device immediately, without mistakes, annoyances, or repeating the process over and over again.

3. The height will be exactly as it should be

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People who understand installation will know how significant the right height at which your TV is set is. Although this may seem like an irrelevant point to you at the moment, or you think it doesn’t matter whether it’s set a little higher or a little lower, you aren’t aware of how wrong you are.

You may not have known, but the correct height for hanging the TV is at the level of your eyes. This isn’t only necessary in order to see better, but also to set the neck in a better position and avoid health problems. The height of your couch also plays a crucial role, but experts are already well acquainted with that.

4. Careful installation without risk of breakage

This is the biggest risk you need to consider if you’re unsure whether to do the installation by yourself or turn to professionals. These devices are quite heavy and with every wrong move, you risk the TV ending up on the floor in pieces. Just reading about this will surely make you shiver, right?

It’s a fact that TVs like these were much more expensive when they first appeared, but that by no means implies that they’re cheap now. So, when you buy them, you’ve invested a large amount of money and we’re sure you don’t want to watch it break due to an installation error. By hiring a wall mount service, you can prevent the risk of improper installation. A single moment of carelessness or slippery hands can lead to damage that might drive you crazy. Having a professional means a proper management system that guarantees quality – and that’s all that matters.

5. They won’t damage your wall

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Maybe you bought a new TV just after you painted the walls. If this is the case, you need to know that improper hanging can damage the walls. This could turn out to be quite a big problem that might take you a long time to fix the thing and return the surface to the perfect condition it was in before you stubbornly decided to install the device yourself.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that LCD TVs are easier to carry around than the former big-cube TVs that were large and awkward to move. Modern models are also quite heavy, really huge and they can put a lot of strain on the wall – so, given the heavyweight, any wrong move could cause damage. That’s why it’s better to only play the role of a helper once the mounting operators start fixing it.