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Make Social Media Measurable in 2024


Social media marketing has entered a new era. Brands are not just content with which to experiment on Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, hoping for the best. With the increase in the budget for social media marketing, marketers need their social campaigns to maximize sales, achieve measurable benefits for the brand and enhance the overall customer value.

The maturation of the social media space has created the need for simple, standardized measurement techniques that clearly show whether social campaigns affect the improvement of the actual impact of the brand and the actual sales.

Any activities and campaigns on the Internet must have its (measurable) objective. If you do not measure and monitor the results of your activities then you can never know which of these activities brings the best results. Long ago John Wannamaker said: “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I do not know which half. “The goal of everyone who deals with (Internet) marketing should be as precise measurement activities to achieve the best results and achieve the objectives.

When we talk about social networks, we always talking about a long process and building relationships between companies and individuals. Return of investment and concretely measure the conversion is not expected immediately after the start of activities, because social networks are not a conversion medium, but conversational.

However, you should measure and each agency or the client should measure regularly at least the basic activities and results to see if their actions bring concrete results. Things that should be measured depend on itself to client needs. Social media agencies should jointly with the client set parameters to measure. Below you can check infographic which gives you an idea what to measure when it comes to your social media campaigns: