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Why Company Culture Matters

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why company culture matters

If you are the owner of company, you know that motivating people can be a hard task, especially when everyone is motivated by something different. Usually, you would think that money is the key thing that will increase their productivity. But, there are evidences that money is no longer one of motivational factors like it used to be before.

What is starting to be dominant factor when hiring new talents is company culture. When you are the employer you need to know how to create winning culture. You will do this by getting to know psychology of your people both as team and as individuals. Everyone is familiar with the classical tradition of encouraging people. The method is simple, if someone is behaving good he receives reward, and if the behavior is bad he gets punishment. But the question is, is this really the best method that we could think for productivity at workplace?

Even though it’s nice to get reward for the good work you did, if it’s used in incorrect way someone can view it as a way of buying someones skills. Person can even sometimes feel less valued and that his or her skills can be disposable. The truth is that this is simply not enough to get out the best from your people. Each person in your company has their needs, and it depends on how necessary they are. Every person has needs for health, food and warmth. When you employ someone you need to acknowledge them that their job is secure and place where they work is safe. If you nurture and welcome different culture you will secure confidence, achievement, self-esteem and even friendships. Everything that I said is helping your workers to feel more valued, appreciated and that what they are doing is making little difference.

Most of the people, and especially the new generation that are just starting to work are trying to find themselves, meaning that they want to feel valued as being individuals. Companies that don’t value or can’t see what their workers are bringing to the table, will find out in the end that rates and attractions are lower then companies that can see this. Just imagine how Twitter or Google are having successful company culture. If you can make even small changes to few of your working areas, it will change how your company is working as whole. It will also bring better motivation and happiness among your workers.

As you start to have vision of your company and its future, honestly you owe it to yourself to ask some important questions. How would you define culture of your company, is it going to be negative or positive, what can you and your workers do together to make it better and stronger, and how would your employees define your culture. Company culture is the soul of your business. Actions, attitudes, workflow, beliefs, and reputation, it’s all there. Workers will love where they work and what they do, so they will give their best because of the their wish to company succeed.