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Travel Gadgets You Must Have


Technology is developing rapidly and there currently there are lots of gadgets that can make your life easier but maybe you didn’t hear about them yet. One of the areas where gadgets can be extremely helpful is travelling. You can take lots of gadgets with you when you go on some trip but here are some gadgets that really shouldn’t be forgotten.

Plan V Smartphone Charger

Plan V

Every time you leave your home you are probably bringing a smartphone with you. But what to do when the battery runs out? You can’t carry traditional charger everywhere you go. And that’s exactly why you should buy and always carry Plan V smartphone charger. It is easy to use. Simply connect the battery with the terminals and then plug the Plan V to smartphone and battery life will be better. It’s not strong enough to charge the battery up to 100% but it can easily give you about 40%. Plan V smartphone charger costs about $20 and it is really something worth having when going on some trip.

Neo Smartpen

Neo Smartpen

It is always a good idea to bring a digital pen with you. And if you want the best then consider Neo Smartpen. Neo Smartpen is very thin, comfortable and its made out of aluminum. If you ask people who own it they’ll all say the same thing, that Neo Smartpen is the great choice for you. Only problem is that it’s not compatible with normal notebooks but we can skip over that. This pen comes with lots of different accessories and it can easily record audio and create digitalized versions of some sketches or notes. You even get smartphone app for tablets or smartphones that will help you with using Neo Smartpen. A must have gadget for every traveler.

Uamp Headphone Amplifier

Uamp headphone amplifier

One of the bad things about smartphones, even some better ones, is the bad sound of some high level songs or distortion when the volume is raised. And if you use headphones that can help and give you better experience but you won’t get much better quality with that. That’s why Uamp designed its own Headphone amplifier. Headphone amplifiers are mostly used to improve the quality of sound on smartphones. But the main problem about these amplifiers is that they are often pretty large and expensive. But not Uamp headphone amplifier because this one easily fits into your pocket and increases the quality of music. It has the size of only 43 x 43 x 9 mm and it weighs only about 26g. Amazing, right? And it can easily fit into your pocket. What it gives you? It can increase the sound volume by three times more without any distortions and it easily keeps the high quality at any volume. The price is still unknown but it shouldn’t be very expensive and everyone who likes to travel and listen to high quality music should get one of these.

Strone: Home Roaming Solution

Strone – Home

What is Strone: Home? It is an amazing hardware that allows you to make calls on international roaming for really low costs. It was launched last year at CES in Las Vegas and it brings a real revolution into the world of technology and smartphones. It converts the GSM calls into data calls and data messages and helps people to make calls on actual data. You can access the Strone: Home from every device based on the internet and it’s easy to connect numbers with other devices that are using internet like other smartphones, tablets, laptops and similar. Sound, great right? Well, it is. Especially for travelers because with Strone: Home it should be really easy to keep in touch with everyone while you are on the road or to contact people from overseas. And really cheaply too.

idtagit Smart Tags


Don’t you hate when you lose something and simply can’t find it? Well, forget about that because idtagit has a solution. Idtagit Smart Tags work in any part of the world and it is very efficient but also brings a stable security and privacy. And best of all, it is very small with dimensions of only 40 x 18 x 1.3mm. If you are losing stuff often then this is the right gadget for you and if you are going on some trip then this is the gadget you really should have. It’s worth to be secure.

That’s it, those are the gadgets that every traveler should have. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Check out the infographic below for more information. Good luck!

Travel gadgets you must have