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9 Amazing Gadgets for your Apartment


The idea of a world entirely run on technology and gadgets may have seemed futuristic ten years ago, but nowadays it’s something we’re all starting to become pretty used to. Our homes and apartments seem to be next on the horizon for a complete tech overhaul, and this latest infographic takes a look at 9 of the best gadgets that will change the way we live and do things around the home forever.

According to WIMDU, by 2019 there will be 1.9 billion connected home devices shipped around the world, generating an revenue of around $490 billion. Pair this up with the fact that by 2024, there will be 50 billion internet-connected devices in the world (with $19 trillion estimated revenue) and it seems pretty clear that we’re living in an age of tech dependence.

So, what kind of gadgets can we expect to revolutionize our home lives over the next few years? As futuristic as it may seem, there are actually self-making beds in development. OHEA, a Spanish-based furniture company, are currently working on a smart bed that will help to make itself through the use of pressure pads which will be able to sense when the bed is empty. This will then cause robotic arms to grip the duvet and pillows in a bid to make the bed.

Take a glance at the infographic below to find out what other amazing gadgets there are out there right now, either on sale or in development – all in a bid to make our lives easier.


  • Infographic courtesy of WIMDU
  • Feature image courtesy of Robot & Frank (Samuel Goldwyn Films/Stage 6 Films)