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Benefits of Short Animated Videos for Business Marketing

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Short animated videos can be used as an effective tool for business marketing. There are various other benefits of these short videos that make them one of the best alternatives to traditional advertisements, promotional campaigns, etc., for businesses. Here are some quick facts about how this format of video makes it more advantageous than the others:

Short attention span

Videos are better because people won’t have enough time to shift their focus on something else if they see a 1-3 minute video clip. This will help businesses in grabbing the attention of a maximum number of customers.

Easy to share

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People love watching interesting video clips and sharing them with their near ones via emails & social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., which is quick and easy. This will prove to be a great benefit for startups trying to grow their customer base as well as established organizations looking at driving traffic towards their websites/social pages.

Reach out to the maximum number of people

Due to the popularity of video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Vine; almost everyone has access to these platforms and they can also see new videos on a regular basis. This makes this format more efficient than traditional campaigns that take up a lot of time and effort (in terms of planning, executing & promoting) before businesses can reap any benefits from them. For a great company, you can check this link.

Provide instant satisfaction

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People who watch these short animated clips are instantly satisfied with whatever information they & don’t need any further explanations to make them understand the product/service being promoted. It’s a great way to give a sneak peek into your business and products without making too much effort.

Effective for branding

Videos are one of the most popular ways that people use to get familiar with a brand or website. They reveal a lot about how you treat your customers, so always remember to maintain high standards when it comes to creating an effective video.

Informative videos also tend to have better recall value i.e., viewers will remember & share more information from these clips than others which is again beneficial for business growth in terms of increased traffic on websites & social media pages, improved brand visibility, etc.,

It can bring any idea to Life

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Animation is a versatile and effective medium of conveying ideas and information whether it be in business or education. It can also provide valuable insights into processes, procedures, etc., that would otherwise remain hidden from the view.

The benefits of animated videos cannot be confined to any particular industry; animation has proved to be extremely productive in the field of medical sciences as well (for teaching complex & difficult concepts without making customers feel uncomfortable)

Animation delivers emotion to your message

Animation is one of the best ways to deliver emotion that is needed to build strong connections with potential customers. Natural expressions, as well as exaggeration and caricature, can help people connect better to the information we wish to share; which is again a great plus point for businesses looking forward to creating an impact on their audiences.

Animation helps your business stand out from the crowd

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With a lot of similar content being published on a daily basis, it becomes difficult for viewers to make a choice as to what they should watch and whatnot. We all tend to ignore whatever comes up first on our screens, which also means that businesses have less time in making an impression on their audience before they move on to the next video from the list of suggestions.

Animation has been one of the best ways to stand out from this crowd as it lets us create meaningful & informative videos quickly without spending too much time or money on them.

Animation can explain anything!

It’s true – any business idea or product/service can be explained via animation with ease and effectiveness. It is flexible enough to cover a wide range of concepts without making too much effort.

What’s more, video creators are able to convey complex ideas/thoughts in simple terms through animation; it is the ultimate solution if you wish to grab your audience’s attention within a few minutes.

Animation Builds Rapport

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People who use videos to communicate with other people are more likely to create an emotional bond between them. As mentioned before, the animation is one of the most powerful mediums that can capture anyone’s attention within minutes; this leads us to conclude that animated content actually builds rapport among viewers & businesses which is how it can help generate better results than other conventional methods.

Animation makes ads more effective

Research has proved time and again that animated ads are more effective than their traditional counterparts because they build credibility, emphasize key points, and require less effort on part of viewers to understand the content being communicated. This also means that you will be able to focus on your target audience without any hiccups.

Animation has a high entertainment value

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Studies have shown that the number of internet video entertainment and training views via mobile devices and tablets has crossed 4 million (in 2015). This data further proves how animation is one of the most popular mediums appreciated by people for offering high entertainment value.

What to do before uploading your animation

Animation videos should be short & crisp. Viewers prefer consuming information in small batches wherever possible. This applies even more to animated content as viewers tend to lose interest quickly since it takes time and effort to understand such videos.

So, it is recommended that you keep your animated videos short & relevant (< 3 minutes). Moreover, avoid making them look like a PowerPoint presentation where different text boxes pop up every now and then and distract the audience’s attention from the main idea which is being communicated.

Animation videos should be visually appealing

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Ever heard of the phrase ‘Content is king’? Well, it holds true for animation videos as well. If you are not able to make your content interesting enough to capture the viewer’s attention then even a beautifully crafted animation will go in vain.

Short animated videos are an easy, affordable, and flexible way of reaching out to viewers across all age groups & bringing the brand’s true essence in front of your target audience.