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6 Things You Should Never Post on Social Networks When Job Hunting in 2024


Social networks are one of the factors many do not consider when job hunting. Often employers will Google your name or will simply search for your social media presents. It is completely legal and many companies will do it in order to find out more about the type of person they are interested to hire. For some individuals this might go unnoticed, however for others this might cost them the job of their life.

This article will touch few things which you should never post on the social media networks. This post might save you a lot of trouble in the feature. If it is too late already and you already have few embarrassing moments on the social networks, simply edit your profile save yourself to humiliation and the embarrassment.

Why do you actually Share, Like and Comment on Social Networks?

For some the comments, shares and the likes might seem inconsequential. However, they matter and everything counts. They matter and they go into what makes us humans. They unveil our desires, joys and anxieties. This information is interpreted by simply analyzing your profile on social level. However, the entire process is down to chemical in the brain called dopamine causing us to seek desire and pleasure by sharing our private information.

It is scientifically proven that humans only dedicate 30%-40% talking and discussing themselves face to face. The percentage jumps up to 80% rapidly, when it comes to social media and everything changes immediately. The reason for this is because, we do have to observe a lot more other things, when communicating with someone.

We observe the other’s person body language and their reactions so our speech is more like shaped according to the visual elements like the body language etc.

When it comes to social media that on the other hand is a very different story. We construct, what we say about ourselves in the way, how we want to be seen by the others.

1. Your Full Birthday on Social Networks

While you live with the fact that your friends and family will remember your birthday and send you greetings and birthday wishes on the social networks such as Facebook, it might actually harm you more than you think. Revealing your full date of birth, might give scammers a reason to steal your identity and perform a social hacking. This might actually turn out to be costly and a reason for you not to get a phone call for that interview you always wanted because your identity is associated with unpleasant sources.

2. Your Current Location

Most if the time people post and share their pictures and comments on the social networks revealing their current location. It is true that 99% of the apps will ask your permission to access your location and then tag you with that current location along with your posts.

I have to say that this is very dangerous not only for your feature job but also for your family and properties. For example, by simply you sharing your location. The bad guys get a green light to visit your house and rob you. On the other hand by simply sharing your location all the time your feature employer might come to different conclusion based on your locations.

3. Your Home Address

When it comes to job seeking location is crucial for the employer as the commute time is important. I am not saying that you should go and lie about your home address. You should simply never reveal it. As it comes to competitive advantage, it might turn out that you live further than your competitor and your game might be over just before you even get even chance to fight and sell yourself.

Give the chance to your feature employer to find out about the details from you. You are the one who have to present and sell yourself. Do not let information like this play tricks with your career.

4. Your Real Phone Number

You probably do not need me to tell you how annoying it can be if your phone number is hijacked by scraping tool and then sold on the highest bidder. You are expected to receive a lot of marketing oriented phone calls. The worst part is if your phone number gets associated with websites or applications that you might not want to be part of your online history. You might want to use google voice number that offers great features that might be used as a firewall, you can find the settings here.

Employers reserve the right to search every single detail about you and in some cases this might back fire. For example, your phone number might get involved with online gambling websites or identity thieves. However, none of the social networks needs your mobile number to function properly so simply avoid posting it.

5. Geo-tags with Pictures

The Geo-tags are one way how your feature employer might try to find out more about you using the Geo-tags. The social networks retrieve this data from your phone and you might not even be aware of the settings at all.

If you are not sure about these settings on your phone follow these settings to switch them off.

6. Holiday Plans and Embarrassing Facts about You

“Hello, my name is John Doe and I am traveling to Spain with my friends, please come and rob us”. This is the direct translation in the hands of dangerous people that knows, how to use the information on the social networks with the idea to harm you.

Often, when you travel on holiday, we want to have some fun times enjoy the time with friends. Perhaps, have few drinks and go out partying. It is highly likely that your friends or even you to post embarrassing picture of you on the social networks and from there the only thing left is your feature employer to find it.