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5 Proven Ways to Reinvent Your Identity in 2024

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Reinvent your identity starting from today and never look back. I want to share with you my proven ways backed up by scientists  to life changing steps that will improve not only, how people look on you but the way you look on yourself.

Before you even continue reading this article, I do not want you to waste your time reading if you are not willing to put any effort into this.

It does not really matter, what is your age, gender or career level. I have felt awful about myself and the job I had so many times. I just was not happy. It is natural to feel though and lost even at that moments, when you think you have it all.

However, to reinvent your identity there should be only one thing stuck in your mind. This is the idea,  to who you want to be and the commitment required towards your new identity.

1. Improve or Learn New Skills

Have you ever had some skills you developed in the past but discontinued due to circumstances? Of course you do. If you are thinking right now that you did not have anything, I would say think again or you are just about to lie to yourself.

Try to find that old passion or truly new one and take an action to develop it to new levels. Would you believe that all you need to become an expert into something is 416 days or just 10,000 hours precisely?

If you do not want to believe me, then believe into the proven studies and facts. Scientist believe that only 10,000 hours in deliberate practice in the acquisition of new skill will turn you into an expert performer.

People has always recognized individuals who want to become an expert into something. Think of the Olympic athletes, they are chosen to be there, because they have the commitment and the mind set to be the best into what they do, they become experts because of the practice and practice makes perfection.

2. Engage with Other Influencing People

Part of the game to reinvent your identity is to meet and interact with new influencing people. Does the idea of walking into room full of professionals scares you? Do not panic, you are not the only one. However, this feeling will disappear with the time and you will gain more confidence with every other time you exercise engagement with influencing people.

I was afraid too once to speak and communicate with  people in a suite. I constantly had the thought that everything, I am about to say will not make sense at all. Sometimes, I would lose all of my thoughts and get brain freeze.

So stop sabotaging yourself and start gaining your confidence. There are many free events, business fairs, seminars or marketing promotions. All of the above are your free chance to meet and engage with influencing people in the industry. Repeat this step several times until you start seeing fit for your ideas and ambitious. Remember one thing only, every single time you meet new person this is networking and chance for you to sell yourself.

3. Change Your Wardrobe to Reinvent Your Identity

Perhaps, you have already figured it out that the clothes you wear daily is the way, how people see you. With another words this becomes part of your identity. Embodied Cognition is the terminology described by the scientist. I have recently written an article about that if you wear crazy socks color, people might see you as successful, creative and brilliant mind. So do you actually dear to wear crazy socks colors?

Even if you are working from home just the habit to wear something smart and presentable will boost your confidence on the phone and will reduce the amount of mistakes you make in general.

4. Volunteer and Give Something Back to the Society

Volunteering work or just mentoring the young generation does more than you just think. I am not talking about your damn CV. Practicing this will change the way you think. It will boost your confidence.

You will become a role model for someone and there is nothing better than that to give something back to the society, because not everything is about us as individuals. I am always trying to help in one way or another.

Sometimes, you might not be in a position to do so, however do not hesitate to try and volunteer. You will not only change your identity but the way you see and understand certain things. Remember, you are the one responsible to reinvent your identity and you need only 10,000 hours to do it.

5. Change Your Boring Job

I was stuck for two years at one job, where except the financial reward, I did not receive anything back. I was not happy at all. I guess there are a lot of you out there in the same position.

If you do not like your job just stand up for yourself and quit. I am not saying quit it before you find something else that satisfy your needs or match your personality. That would be just stupid, if you just quit unless you have some plans for the feature. Remember, you must have plan B in case something goes wrong.  I strongly believe that this step must be the hardest, if you are on the way to reinvent your identity. However, sitting at one place, where you just do not belong to is just a waste of time.

Open your mind and change the way you think. Gain some courage by observing others around you. I am sure you have friends and family to support your moves.

The End Goal

Overall reinventing your identity will take some time to consider and to plan. This is absolutely normal. Prepare your master plan and how exactly you are going to get to your end goal. If you just start practicing these 5 steps towards reinventing your identity, I truly believe it will bring you more satisfaction than ever.

Remember, you are not the only one. There are others out there like you and I would be extremely grateful if you share your thoughts or experience.