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Windows 7 End of Support

On January 14, 2024, Microsoft will discontinue End of life Extended Support for Windows 7, finally answering the question “When will Windows 7 support end”?. After that time, you may continue to use Windows 7 with full functionality, but cannot receive critical security ¬†updates for free. And, though your best option will be to upgrade to Windows 10, you may still need Windows 7 access such as for legacy app use.

For Microsoft Windows Enterprise and Professional users, critical and/or important security updates are available for three years after Windows 7 end of life, via the Extended Security Updates, a paid option costing $50 – $100 (price escalates yearly).

Available for:
SQL Server 2008/R2 (Enterprise, Standard, Datacenter, Web, Workgroup)
SQL Server 2008/R2 for Embedded Systems
Windows Server 2008/R2 (Datacenter, Standard, Enterprise)
Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise)
Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems
Windows Server Embedded 2008/R2
Windows Embedded Standard 7
Windows Embedded POSReady 7

Can I still use Windows 7 after end of life?

Windows 7 will still be available for use, though you won’t receive key security updates. If you’re planning to use your computer for activities not requiring internet access, (such as computer games, homework, printing documents for the office, etc) you can simply go offline. If you are accessing the internet regularly for personal, banking, or other financial transactions, you’ll want to invest into either a Windows 10 upgrade or a paid extended security option to keep your information safe.

If you are using a system that is dependent on Windows 7, you may have a few other options that will ease the transition into Windows 10, while still allowing for use of legacy apps.

Windows 7 Extended Service Updates (which include critical and important updates) are available after end of life, to all Windows 7 Enterprise and Professional users (via volume licensing) and  may be purchased on a per-device basis with yearly increasing costs.

Another option is the Windows 7 Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop for Azure which offers free Extended Security Updates for three years after end of life, through January 2024.