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What is the Purpose of a Puzzle Bowl?

Source: paw5.com

There’s a lot of talk puzzle bowl about using a over a normal one in the dog owner community, but what exactly are they for?  What do they do and are they worth all the hype?

A puzzle bowl for dogs is a specially designed feeding dish that incorporates intricate patterns, obstacles, or compartments to slow down a dog’s eating pace and promote mental stimulation during mealtime. These bowls are crafted to encourage dogs to work for their food, preventing them from gulping down their meals too quickly, which can lead to various health issues such as bloating, obesity, and digestive discomfort.

Whether you call it a slow feeder, a puzzle bowl, a maze bowl, or something else: they all share a common purpose.  These dog dishes are designed to slow down your dog at meal times.


These bowls often feature a maze-like structure that’s created by raised ridges in the centre of the bowl.  Kibble placed in the bowl falls down into the maze and your dog must pick the pieces out instead of taking large mouth-fulls of kibble.

They’re still being talked about and used, because they work and do exactly what they’re supposed to.  So, yes, they are worth all of the hype and praise they’re getting.

They offer both health and mental benefits that we’re going to take a look at below.

The Health Benefits of a Puzzle Bowl

Gone are the days of upset stomachs and your dog vomiting because they ate too quickly.

The main purpose of most dog puzzle bowls is to aid good stomach health by slowing down how quickly your dog eats.  There are so many benefits of your dog eating meals at a slower pace than normal.

Your dog is less likely to overeat if they use one of these dog bowls.  This is because taking smaller bites gives the stomach time to send signals to the brain that it’s full.

Smaller bites also allow the stomach time to settle between pieces of kibble which helps to prevent choking and vomiting. Your dog is also much less likely to get nauseous if they aren’t eating their meal in only a few mouth-fulls.

The Mental Benefits of a Puzzle Bowl

Bowls have a secondary purpose as well.  They provide mental stimulation for your dog.

They have to work for their kibble since they can’t just crunch a big mouthful all at once.  They have to pick it out from the nooks and crannies of the bowl and that takes some problem solving skills.

This is why this type of bowl is also called a dog puzzle bowl.  They have to “solve” the maze in order to get their food.

These types of dishes can be especially good for high energy dogs that need tasks to complete throughout the day.  Did you know that mental stimulation is just as good as – if not better than – physical exercise when it comes to tiring your dog out?

Making them use their brain will not only help to keep them sharp, but it can also help them expend extra and pent up energy.

A puzzle bowl can be the perfect way to build in a couple of extra play sessions and tasks into you and your dog’s already busy day.