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How To Write A Killer Customer Case Study

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How To Write A Killer Customer Case Study

There is the rule that customers are always right, even when being wrong. Often times it can be difficult to connect with customers, but it’s important to keep reminding yourself that your company is nothing without a base of loyal customers. Sometimes, people can struggle to earn trust of new customers. Before you can expect them to purchase anything, to even start the process of the sale you need to prove the ability to deliver what your service or product are promising. Sure, you can start saying how you’re the best from all the rest of the competition, but at the end of the day that just empty talking. One of probably best methods you can prove how much you’re worth is creating killer case study where you can write about the positive impact of your service or product that had on one of your existing customers. So how can you do that? The first step is finding the perfect candidate.

Choose one that has knowledge about your product so that he or she can show results from using. It’s important that future customers can relate to him or her. The goal is to make them feel like you know their specific needs in the industry, that you will give them targeted results and that you are comfortable in specific area. People enjoy reading a good story from start to finish. The killer case study will allow people to understand and get to know the customer. Don’t neglect this part, if you do, you can lose connection with readers and impact on them. Give specific examples in life, for example talk about someone’s life before you offered a solution and then compare that to his or her life now. You should update the case study every few months, so you can show how your products or services is continuing to have benefits for customers. When you start to write a customer case study provide text that is easy to read.

Include real numbers in study case. Think about it, have you ever read studies where companies are stating they are doubling traffic and you wonder if its 100 to 200 or 10,000 to 20,00 visits. Different display of numbers can have different meaning. You want every information to be clear as a day. Don’t just say you are doubling traffic, provide customers with real proof and real numbers statistics. When you show customers that you can pull of doubling traffic on the website, talk about what type of strategy you’re using and how are you doing it.

In order to create a good layout of the case study, I suggest building it out of 7 sections.

  • First is, of course, the title. Highlight your greatest accomplishment and keep it short.
  • Second one is the executive summary. This part should contain 2 to 4 sentences of your complete story showing your success.
  • The third part is ” about ”. This section must serve as introduction to a company or person and you can copy this from the website or their LinkedIn profile.
  • The next section should be, challenges. In this one you will include 2 to 3 paragraphs which will describe the challenges that customer was faced with prior to using your service or product.
  • 5th section is how you helped them. You can write how your product or service helped them by providing solutions for their problems.
  • The next section is ” their results ”. You can write a few sentences that will prove and show how each person was affected by your offer and how the company helped them in achieving goals, if you can include numbers.

And finally, pick some powerful quotes that you can put at the bottom part as well as some nice visual that can support entire story. The real reason for creating killer case study is to convert more leads and boost revenue by spotlighting your happy customers.