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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating A Studio Apartment

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Decorating a studio apartment can be a challenge, especially if you do not have a lot of square footage to place a lot of furniture inside. Because of this, studio apartments require some thinking and planning in order to make use of the space that you do have at your disposal.

Luckily, there are a few interior design tricks that can help you figure this out. So, to help you get on your way, we will discuss several common mistakes to avoid when decorating a studio apartment.

Decorating your studio apartment as a single room

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Since we are used to separating rooms based on what their primary purpose is, sometimes you might be inclined to observe your studio apartment as a single room. However, this approach to decorating your studio apartment might make your furniture organization too limiting and biased.

In contrast, it is better if you think about your studio apartment as a whole that you can zone into several different areas. In this way you will be able to mentally segment the place so that it can accommodate all furniture and appliances that you might need. You will also be able to think of ways to visually separate different ‘zones’ in your studio apartment by using room dividers, rugs, shelves, different types of flooring or even smart lighting.

In this way, you can divide your living space into separate zones for sleeping, eating, working, and lounging. This will help you focus your decorative choices to these areas instead of having your living room or bedroom elements taking over.

Designate different zones to maximize the amount of space that you have.

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Of course, the furniture you choose to put into your home will make a big difference with regards to the amount of ‘decorating freedom’ you will have. So, when you start browsing through furniture brochures, be sure to look for versatile, multi-functional pieces of furniture such as ottomans, which can be used for sitting, as a coffee table, or as a decorative piece in its own right or desks that can be reassembled to function as a dining table.

The curtains are hanged too low

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Decorating a studio apartment is more than just deciding which washing machine to buy. Placing the curtains properly in your studio apartment can transform the vibe of your apartment considerably. A general piece of advice is to hang drapery as close to the ceiling as possible. This kind of positioning creates a visual impression that the room and the windows it frames are tall and elongated since the line it creates forces the eye to observe the walls like this.

To keep it neat and tasteful, be sure to measure the length the curtains should cover. As a rule of thumb, curtains should reach the floor, although you might opt for window-length curtains if you feel that they fit the decor better.

Placing furniture that is too big or too small

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Homeowners sometimes make the mistake of furnishing their apartments with furniture that does not suit the dimensions of the living space. So, although you may not have too much space, compensating for it by placing a lot of smaller items is not a good approach to decorating a studio apartment. Too many small pieces placed close together can create a disorienting impression that there is too much going on in the room. Additionally, your apartment is more likely to become messy and disorganized when there are a lot of items that can be easily moved.

The furniture should not visually dominate in the room. On the other hand, having only large furniture can produce an adverse effect. Keeping it clean cut and minimalistic is definitely a better strategy, but having only essentials that are fairly bulky can make the apartment feel clumsy, uninviting and stripped of ‘identity’. So, try to hit the right spot by choosing the right size and hence, amount of furniture you want to place in the studio apartment.

If you need help with bringing in or taking out superfluous furniture before you move in, you can call Tik Tok Moving and Storage to both aid you with carrying and placement of the furniture. Experienced moving crews like this one will be able to give you useful and objective advice as to what fits into your studio apartment and where you should put it to maximize the use of your living space.

Avoiding patterns

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Yes, figuring out details such as what the color scheme you want to introduce to your apartment might seem unimportant if you are in the midst of large-scale renovation projects. So, worrying about making design mistakes might appear as immaterial if you are trying to figure out how to undo the plumbing mistakes you have inherited from the previous owner.

However, the paint and the colors do make a big difference, especially when you are decorating a studio apartment. Some people are, rightfully, hesitant to experiment with patterns when they have only one room. When picked out right, wallpaper with an interesting patterning can add a unique, chic touch to walls or furniture that are largely neutral and monochrome.

Having one wall painted in a bold, bright color such as red can create an interesting visual dynamic in the apartment, especially if it is a big, open space. Furthermore, it can make the place appear larger, lively and stimulating if you do not have a lot of space to work with.

Placing your bed out in the open

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You can use your furniture or room dividers to make a niche for your bed. As we have mentioned in the beginning, you should treat the one room that you have as an apartment, not a single room.

Hence, one of the most common mistakes to avoid when decorating a studio apartment is to leave the bed ‘unprotected’, that is, to just place it in the space wherever you feel is appropriate. Otherwise, it is better if you zone out the ‘sleeping space’ with cabinets, wallpaper, paint, and lights to designate what the bedroom area is.