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How to Choose the Right Washing Machine for Your Home

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While looking for a washing machine you have to understand a few things and also, we have to keep in mind some really important aspects that will make sure that your washing machine is the best or not.

A good washing machine comes with some really amazing features that will help you in the long run to maintain your efficiency and also to easily clean your clothes on a daily basis without any issue.

Here are some of the tips that you should know before you buy:

Types of washing machine

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There are basically three types of washing machines in the market right now. They are called semi-automatic, top load fully automatic, and front load fully automatic.

These three types of washing machines are entirely different from each other so you have to keep some important things in your mind while choosing one for yourself.

What is a semi-automatic washing machine?

Semi-automatic are basically the smallest of all other kinds of washing machines. In semi-automatic the tubs are separate for washing and drying so basically you have to wash in one tub and then you have to dry in another tab

This kind of semi-automatic machine is not that efficient. It requires a lot of human intervention to operate this. During the time of cleaning, you have to scrub the clothes manually and also you have to dry out the clothes manually. But it is true that a semi-automatic one is power efficient, it consumes less amount of power as compared to the other variants.

What is the top load fully automatic washing machine?

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There is a very small difference between a top load and the front load. So, in a top load washing machine all you have to do is put the clothes inside from the top side. In a top load washing machine, you will get less amount of wash programs as compared to the front load ones which is more expensive and also more powerful.

What is a front load washing machine?

In between all the three types of washing machine front load is the best in every way possible. So basically, in the front load you have to put your clothes from the front window of the washing machine.

Also, a front load model comes with a lot of smart features as compared to top load ones and semi-automatic. The front load is more efficient and is able to handle larger loads which means you will be able to put a lot more amount of clothes inside to wash.

In a front load washing machine, you will be able to get some amazing smart features like assistant management, Wi-Fi control, child of feature, inbuilt water heater. Daamify.com has mentioned some of the best front load washing machines which come with amazing smart features that you can buy for yourself.

What is the ideal capacity for you?

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A washer comes with different loads of capacity which is really important to look for. Because a larger capacity machine will be able to clean more clothes at a time as compared to a lower capacity one.

So, if you are a bachelor for couples having 2-3 members in a family then you can go for a capacity of 6 to 6.5 kg. And that will be sufficient enough for you and your family.

But if your family has a size of 3-4 members which I can say is a small family then you can go for a capacity of 7 kg. it will be sufficient enough to clean your daily clothes without having any issue.

The most ideal capacity should be 8 kg and that will be sufficient enough for a family member of size 4-5. This size will be sufficient for any family to clean their daily essentials without having any issue.

What wash programs you should look for

While going for any model you should look for the different wash programs, which is really important. That is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind while searching for your next washing machine because those wash programs are the one that will be able to clean your clothes in different ways.

So, while choosing the right washing machine look whether that particular model has regular, normal or cotton wash programs built in it. Because that is the basic wash programs that any model should have.

If you use really delicate clothes and want your clothes to be washed with care then your machine should have a delicate or hand wash feature that will take care of your soft fabrics during the time of cleaning.

And some other really important programs that you should look for are fast wash cycle, wool wash cycle and baby care wash cycle. Because these 3 wash programs are really important on a daily basis and if you have a family then it will be even more important.

Smart features you should look for

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There are many washing machines out there which you can get with amazing features and those features will really help you on a day-to-day basis to operate and wash clothes easily.

Look whether that variant comes with Wi-Fi built in it, inbuilt heater, smart voice assistant integration, control with app, temperature control, quick wash and LCD or LED display panel on it.

Energy efficiency

While looking for your first washing machine we should go for the one which comes with a 5-star energy rating. Because that will consume less amount of energy every year and hence it will save a lot of money for you in the long run and every year will be able to save around 5000 rupees easily.


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If you are buying a washing machine for the first time and you want the best one for your family then I must tell you that you should go for a front-loading model because those are the best and loaded with lots of features and have a lot of wash programs. But if your budget is really tight then I suggest you go with the top loading washing machine.