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Interesting Instagram Stats in 2024


Today’s society is developed and technologically advanced, can you imagine a world without gadgets and mobile devices? It is difficult, because it is very hard to imagine daily activities without our phones, applications, social networks, etc …

One such application that people use every day more and more is the instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular free application for sharing photos or videos via mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Windows phone) on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr). You are able to record a short video or take a photo and edit it using various Instagram effects  and then share it with your friends.

Instagram greatly influences the development of mobile phones and cameras because they are uniqueness of this application. Why buy expensive cameras with a variety of filters, when this application has it all, and its main advantage is that you can instantly show your friends these photos on one of the social networks.

For businesses Instagram enables the user to visually approach to the client, and special attention must be placed on the hashtag. Hashtags are calling a specific audience, and that alloes you to create a community of your target audience. Learn more about this at IGInstant.

The advantage is that Instagram images can immediately be shared into a number of other social networks, and Followgram will list all of your best Instagram statistics.

If you already didn’t, you should install this popular application with more than 300 million active users. Over 70 million photos are uploaded everyday and more than 1000 comments are posted per second.Below you can check all interesting stats about Instagram: