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Statistics On Following Brands On Instagram in 2024


Instagram has about 400 million users. It is not much when compared to Facebook’s 1.35 billion users, but engagement that brands have on Instagram can surpass even the mighty Facebook. In fact, anyone who uses Instagram, aware of the enormous number of likes and comments, which can not be reached on any other social network.

The unique experience of the world around users through a lens is what can made you a overnight Instagram star with thousands of followers. It is not irrelevant to note that the vast majority of users are women (64%). This fact has prompted numerous fashion and cosmetic brands that conquering these platforms. A survey conducted among blog Iconosquare users shows that 70% of users on Instagram sought their favorite brands. Research conducted by TheNextWeb shows that the pursuit of brands resulted in concrete actions. Even 21 percent of users who are on Instagram find what they’re interested, in the next six months bought a product or service.

The Instagram is a social network that has the most followers of brands. Many companies advertise their brands on all four networks, and Instagram has proven to be the best among them. Brands which promotes Instagram grew by 7% in the followers. Below you can check infographic which shows statistics on following brands on Instagram: