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Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2024? Stats And Best Practices

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The rise of social media was a huge risk for the old but still good email. But, do you know that it’s still a thing in 2024, and it’s getting more anticipated, even though it was briefly forgotten. In the beginning, social media platforms were more interesting, because we were bored of the emails and an inbox full of different offers.

But, you will probably be very surprised to hear that today’s people are more likely to buy something if they receive the newsletter in their mailbox, instead of clicking some suspicious ad on Facebook. Also, the marketing department should work on the email strategy, so they can be sure their message won’t end in someone’s inbox, and the person is not even near to them and unable to use those products.

As you can see on eSputnik, it’s crucial for your strategy to properly target the audience, and make sure those people are really interested in what you offer. It’s challenging, but still easy to personalize this practice, and make it recognizable among potential clients. People prefer email marketing because it’s cost-effective and simple, and it can always be improved by adding some upgrades to the strategy.

These are a few reasons why it’s still good when you try to boost your business:

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You can easily target the audience

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By using traditional channels like newspapers or TV ads, you can’t be sure that the right audience will still see it. For example, millennials rarely read newspapers, and they don’t follow the broadcast because they are too busy with their Netflix shows. But do you know what they do? Yes, they check their email every day at least once.

It can be for work, for communication, or just to receive a report their online order is processed or completed. You can develop your email marketing over the demographics and other important data, and there are some plugins that can help you personalize the message, encouraging the recipient to start a conversation.

There are templates for newsletters available

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Their existence is showing us they are still relevant. The marketing team should be very creative when working on the newsletters. Since you don’t print them on paper, you can add links and buttons to them, which will redirect them to your website. If you do this, you can be sure you did your job, and they will order something at some point.

Social media will ask for money

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There is something known as organic reach. That’s a data category that shows us how many people saw the ad on the social platform we placed it. But, as they are representing this information, you will probably receive an offer to boost it, so you can get more audience, and increase the sales.

Surely, you can combine both approaches for a more effective strategy, but don’t underestimate the power of email. It’s great for small businesses since they are very limited with the budget.

Being polite is the main priority

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When you are polite in the opening line, you can expect that more than 80% of the recipients will open the mail, and around 25% of them will read through the content, ending up clicking on the links. Also, don’t spam them every day. One newsletter every week is more than enough, but that decision depends on the nature of the company.

The number of companies who send emails every day is very small. And of course, don’t do these things manually. The automated platforms will save the template and the mailing list, and you will have to do some small changes before you launch the campaign, instead of doing these things every time you have something to promote.

There are a few tricks and practices that you can consider paying more attention to, including:

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-Avoid buying mailing lists from other companies. That’s not professional, and some contacts can block you, even if they are a part of the target audience.

-Encourage them to communicate. The no-reply emails can make them think you are here just to represent what you have, and you are not interested in their feedback.

-Always use your signature. That will show them you are relevant, and you probably won’t end up in the spam mailbox.

-Try to use the personalized opening line. You have the information for their name included, and if you aren’t sure, you can always go with ‘sir’ and ‘madam, but make sure you are using the right replacement.

-Remove the non-existing contacts. You have to clean the mailing list every now and then. What’s the purpose of sending an email to thousands of contacts, when half of them will result in an inbox full of delivery reports? The campaigns should be transparent, and analyzing the contact list is a crucial part of it.

-Don’t write too long texts. People don’t want to read a lot, especially when they are on a coffee break, and don’t have too much time to pay enough attention. So, be short, clear, and concise, so you can catch their interest, and make them use your services.

-Use your logo, because people remember visual things, and they will recognize your brand in the future.

-Use catchy subjects. The goal is to make them open the mail, but at the same time, be sure there is no phishing link or attachment that contains a virus. It’s not very hard to do that – you only need to be concise and creative and avoid using too long subjects.

-Test before sending. Depending on what platform you are using, you can preview the message, or you can perform a test, by sending the mail to the coworkers. They will see if there is anything that needs to be changed, and after it’s approved, you can proceed with sending it to the clients.

So, if you are looking forward to improving your new business, and find a way to promote your products and services, don’t skip the email. You will be surprised how effective it still is.