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7 Ways the Cloud Can Help Your Business Save Money


Unfortunately, there is a time in most enterpriser’s’ careers when the business starts to lose money. No way around it, facing the problems and fixing them is always the best choice. Today, there are many possibilities so you shouldn’t lose hope. Check out this list of suggestions you could use to mend leaks in your business’s plumbing.


In the first place, executives often point out waisting excessive amounts of time on meetings as a potential error in leading a company into progress. If you consider there are too many meeting held in your offices, and most importantly that they are not effective, reduce the time waisting by uploading information online using some of the cloud services. This allows your employees free access to them and also to share them among each other.

Another issue to be paying attention to is the cost of owning an old-fashioned filing cabinet. It may not seem so, but storing paper documents is quite expensive. Statistics reveal that the total cost of maintaining a filing system amounts to $2.604 in one years time, including cabinet cost, space, supplies, file clerk’s pay etc.  You can also solve this problem very easily – by storing information online and keeping it impeccably organized for later retrieval. With an occasional back up, your documents should be safe and standing by.

While we’re debating the issue of file storage and organizing, lets back up a second and consider the paper usage. The analysis came with the number of 10.000 paper sheets used by an average office worker per year. Converting that number into currency we get an expense of $80 from each employee. Almost all types of documents this papers is used for can be converted into their online counterparts – bills, invoices, memos and many others. You’ll be doing a favour not only to your bank account but also to the environment.

As a company, you and your employees have to keep track of received receipts and come up with expense reports which, to be honest, takes time and can be somewhat irritating. Moreover, it costs money to conduct these administrative activities, $29 per report to be exact. So if you want to cut down on these expenses and save valuable time use software designed to store and organize these types of files.

In every job organization is crucial. But it is also hard to achieve. The reality on this is that employees often waste time on actions like searching for needed documents in a handful of cabinets and folders. Doing so they waste more than 10% of their year’s worth of salary. These situations can be totally eliminated by storing documents online because online data base searches can be conducted in mater of seconds.

Another concerning mater with keeping files in cabinet storage is the high possibility of security breaches. The recovery from such events may take up to a whole month, and $640.000 in expenses. Storing files online, on the other hand, gives you the option of using encryption programs and in that way protecting your business information.

The final trouble takes place in the tax department. The number of IRS penalties addressed to small businesses is actually quite substantial. Human error dominates in this issue, not being able to deliver accurate figures every time tax steps into the scene. With your documents available online anytime, you can export tax data with just a few clicks. Isn’t that improvement?