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How To Unlock Your Creative Genius


How To Unlock Your Creative Genius

Creativity is often times admired, talked about or even mocked. If you ask many creative individuals how can they tap inside their most innovative and creative selves you will hear different answer every time. This is because every creativity starts with process. If you are creative director or entrepreneur it’s your job to nurture the creativity of your whole team each day, if you plan to have any kind of success at all. There is a process that can unlock that creative genius that’s deep inside you. But how the brain actually processes creativity? Some people are more right “brainers” and some left. It is usually said that creativity in its complete form resides at the left side of the brain but if you want to have the purest form of creativity you need to force both sides of the brain. This doesn’t necessarily has to mean that even the greatest thinkers in our history were having specially connected brains. A professor of psychology and education Dr.R. Keith Sawyer said that no one is being born highly creative.

The core of creativity doesn’t come from some magic region of brain. It is based on cognitive processes. To put it in different perspective, creativity is not limited to only left side of brain. Inspiration comes from everyone regardless of the individuals background. If you want to find that creative solution for professional or either personal challenge, all that you need is framework that’s methodical, meaning you will use your hidden virtuoso for achieving creativity. First, what is really important for creative juices to flow is that you have to step outside your bubble or comfort zone. Look at the issues you are facing everyday from different perspective. Ask questions no one else dares to ask. People are always in the search of safety and comfort, after all it’s etched in our human nature. But the real progress and moving ahead comes from doing something that feels right. Start with small steps or as I’d like to say, greatness from small beginnings. Sometimes all you need is just a minor adjustment to make huge impact. Many times people are in fear of looking provocative, this is because of the opinion that if we make change or speak the truth it will be like puling the fire alarm in office. Sometimes, the real and big chance comes through many smaller innovations, and that is completely true.

Along this process, sometimes you will fail. Failure means being defeated, it sucks and it’s not an option. Well, that’s is not true. Aim to fail! Failure is part of the success and foundation of it. Learn to celebrate and embrace failure and you will understand the process of creation even more. There is not failing, just a new lesson. Do it again and again until it’s right. In life, there are certain things that are worth fighting for. To put it in other words, let go of your doubts and fears. Creativity requires hard work. You have to be relentless, doing experiments with something that is unfamiliar to you, again and again. All those ” aha ! ” light bulb moments from famous innovators and inventors are no accidental. It’s result of hard prototyping, research and countless hours of experiments. You need this kind of approach connected with serious working ethic, that is the real key to being creative genius.