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Genius Camera Phone Tricks


Genius Camera Phone Tricks

You probably think you figured out everything about taking pictures when it comes to your phone. But, there are many hacks for your phone camera that you probably didn’t know or didn’t think about. Lots of people are using phone cams just for taking pictures of others or selfies. Here are some of the really cool phone camera hacks you can use every day. First one is one of my favorite hacks. If you are by chance travelling somewhere, in case you lose your smartphone. You can see the background of your mobile phone with your picture that contains personal info. This is great trick if you loose it, someone can find you and return you your phone back. When you are travelling, you can take picture of the environment around you, hotels or landmarks so you can use pictures if you are ever lost.

You are probably going to the grocery store almost every day to shop. I know the feeling when you get inside the store and then forget for what you came for. If you have too much stuff it’s hard to keep track of it. To avoid this, next time take picture of your fridge, you will remember what you need to buy then. There’s an older trick if you are parking in a crowded lot. When you park a car you can take picture of the section where you are. Many garages are packed to the full, and it’s only a matter of time when you will forget where your car is. The next trick will sound maybe little mean but, it’s never too much to be cautious. If you borrow things to your friends you can keep track of it by taking picture of each item. When they return you piece, you delete that picture from the item catalog. This will help you in knowing who has what from you.

Camera can also serve you as being a moving assistant. Just imagine how much stuff you have to pack in each of boxes. If you are moving to other place you can take picture of what’s inside each of boxes. Sometimes, labeling boxes is not of a big help and this will save you time and help you tremendously when it’s time to unpack it all. Camera can help you even if you lost your kids. For example, lets say you go to amusement park and take your children to place with much crowd. Before you go take pics of your kids. If they get separated or lost you can report what are they wearing and how hey look. If you are at the restaurant waiting for a dinner, and your friend is running late, you can take a picture of the menu and send to them so they can tell you what to order.

These are some of the most interesting camera hacks for me. It’s really awesome to see how much can tiny camera in our phones help us. Do you have any interesting tricks with camera?