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How To Recognize Good Web Hosting

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How do you decide which of web hosting is good, and what features matters the most? You have to know what you need. Without that you can never get the right web hosting. Ask yourself do you need Windows applications, what kind of webpage are you building, do you want something common like a WordPress, do you need special software, and how small or big can your traffic be. If you are new to this, it’s always a good idea to start smaller and pick a good sharing hosting account. It’s easy to maintain as well as cheap. And later on, if you decide you can upgrade to more dedicated hosting or VPS when you grow bigger. What’s most important is that you have web host operating 24 hours, 7 days a week.  That host also need to have stable network connection and operate on powerful server. Anything that has uptime score below 99,5 is not acceptable.  You can obtain web host uptime info by tracking your web host with monitoring server tools. Many of those tools are free to use.

Web hosts that are shared are very powerful.  If you use shared hosting account, that’s almost like good optimized WordPress blog with almost 40,000 unique visitors each month. But, if you think you will grow a lot in few years, then the better solution is to pick web hosting that has the room to grow more. You can upgrade to dedicated server or virtual private one. That way you will get more memory capacity, processing power, security features and disk storage. Owning multiple add on domains is good to have, cause it’s hard to resist because they are cheap. You need extra hosting space if you plan to have extra domains. This is the reason why it’s important to have hosting which will enable you to add multiple domains. Make sure to check out how much capacity web hosting has, before you complete the purchase. When you sign up for a web hosting, they are selling you cheap prices, but when the time of renewal comes, the price will go up.

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It’s like a norm in industry. There is simply no other way to avoid this except, jumping from 2-3 web hosts each few years. So be aware to check out prices for renewal in order to not be shocked or surprised unpleasantly by the costs. There are also some questions that you want to ask yourself about refund policy. Are there any charges if you cancel and if you decide to cancel while you are on trial period, does web hosting gives you back full return of the money. What’s very important is control panel. It has to be very easy to use.  Doesn’t matter which one as long as it has all the necessary functions. Did you knew that hosting companies will suspend your account, if it uses too much of a CPU power. This is the stuff that hosting sites would not tell you.

Create a full backup of your site, cause there are sure times when it will crash. Not only that but there’s a chance you might be the victim of a hack attack. You got to make sure that web hosting provides full backups regularly, so you can restore them easily later. So to say at least, there is not a single key fix solution to someones hosting needs. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Different blogs or webpages have different needs. Keep in mind that you want to choose web hosting that suits your needs. It’s all about you finding that right web host and not the best in the world.