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Web Hosting for Beginners


Web hosting is a service of putting websites on internet server, so that they are accessible to all who visit it. There are various hosting providers around the world. Web hosting includes support services related to the domain name, e-mails, web applications, but forums and various other services such as game servers. Often when choosing web hosting services many think if they use Windows as the operating system on their computer, they must also purchase a Windows web hosting service. But it is not so. You can rent the space at the Linux servers too. The most important thing is to know what you want to achieve with your page and which content you to offer and based on that, choose the right web hosting service.

Hosting for beginners – everything you need to know

Below you can check out the one nice infographic about web hosting for beginners, which shows the most common use of Web hosting services. It defines some basic terms and talks about what services should be offered in a basic web hosting service plan. We hope that it will help you to learn more about web hosting and what is the right hosting for you. Good luck!