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The Best WordPress Shared Hosting Providers



Let’s admit it, having website online and keeping it in shape is no easy task at all. It involves watching for marketing, design of site, social media, rich content and so on. But before you build your website you have to deal with something very important. To make sure everything runs smoothly you got to have great hosting provider that’s not going to have any issues or give you headaches. Choosing the one that’s fits best for your needs is not easy.

WordPress is amazing tool for creation of pages. It began development in 2003 as popular app for blogging. While in beginning it was platform specific for blogging, it soon became full system tool for creating websites. It’s estimated that today around 70 million websites are running on WordPress. Great thing about WordPress is that it’s open source, this means different developers can create unique themes, plug-ins or widgets for software, and also it is worth to mention is that WordPress is free.

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Now, when it comes to choosing the right hosting providers, there’s a few key things to look for. Knowledge, speed, good support system, overall offering of products, performance and of course pricing. In order to pick the web hosting you must understand what that actually is. All webpages online are being operated from special PC’s called servers. Even though it’s achievable to own server and operate on it, it costs too much and takes lot of time, so to majority of businesses and individuals it’s pointless. This is where web hosting companies are jumping in by operating thousands of servers from one central area. Then those companies are leasing servers or resources to businesses or individuals. Your future websites is going to rely on servers of hosting company and their service so be careful in final decision.

WordPress shared hosting providers

Hosting is very serious business. It’s an $16 billion dollars industry that’s growing around 10% each year. In this text I want to cover in my opinion best WordPress shared hosting providers on the internet. First on my list is Bluehost company. They guarantee you secure and fast managed hosting that comes at affordable price. If you choose basic plan it allows for your website 100 million visits each month with 30 GB of storage and same amount of GB for backup. You get 24/7 support from experts and great cPanel. You don’t have to worry for security because it’s really at the top level. It was created back in 1996. They are as of now one of most popular hosting providers online. With the package you buy, they provide you with free domain too. Bluehost is also proclaimed as official WordPress hosting service. Bluehost is pretty great choice if you are just starting but also looking for professional hosting.

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Lets move to the next contender for WordPress shared hosting. The name of provider is Siteground. They are pretty cheap with price of 3.95 dollars, with limitation on one website so it’s perfect to people who don’t want to spend much money on hosting providers. Thy also have unique security for WordPress, with free domain name, support and migration of website, e-mail accounts and even more. They are very experienced company for any level of WordPress page. If you are searching for affordable service this is great option for you.

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It can be a bit confusing when choosing the right hosting for first time. Anyway most important thing to consider is having great support, so you can ask the hosting providers anything you don’t understand. If you have confidence in your super ideas and ready to transform them into reality don’t wait a second and get up running with your new WordPress shared hosting and the web page.