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Beautiful and creative Startup Pitch Powerpont Presentations


In our previous article, we wrote about how to start a startup. But if you have your startup project, sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where you have to present your project to someone – the investor, potentional buyer, incubator, or the audience on some of the relevant conferences.

That the presentation of the project is extremely important, know all those who have participated in at least one startup event. A self-confidence, body language and expressions used in this brief presentation only contribute to a better impression. You can not afford to be shy on stage. You must tell the judges that are here just because you have the best product, the best solution on the market.

Your Startup Pitch is going to be the first thing that potential investors look at when you ask them for money or if they are looking for another business to add to their portfolio. Therefore, a good pitch is going to be one of your biggest chance to success as a startup. Make your pitch visually beautiful and interesting, to attract the attention of the audience and to create a specific “emotion” or “atmosphere” during the presentation.

Depending on how many minutes you have to pitch, divide the amount of time on the slides and you will know exactly how many seconds you have for that slide. In practice this means that if you have a pitch of 3 minutes, do not use more than six slides because it usually means that you have 30 seconds per story slides.

In the beginning, when you create a presentation, use clues written on paper for each slide individually and try to incorporate sentences that accompany each slide. When you finish, move on with your training.

Let your screen or mirror is the audience! Have you managed to cram everything in three minutes? You did not? Eliminate less important sentences and repeat the procedure until you manage to complete the story within 3 minutes. You managed to finish within 3 minutes? Wohoho, congratulations, but you’re not done yet! Repeat this pitch still countless times, until your gray cells do not completely absorb all of the text. This will help despite jitters on the actual presentation – and if you block, the easier you will come back again to your text. Routine wins uncertainty, and if something goes wrong, try to improvise.

Use your body dynamics, do not stand in one place but move and gesture open positions. With your hands, you can emphasize parts of the slides you’re talking about. Use intonation to emphasize and do not be monotonous when you’re talking. Take the focus of people to the point that you want!

Speak loudly and clearly, and if it’s possible, smile, and show enthusiasm for your project. If you do not have it, why had someone else? Also, humor is the best collector of attention, if you manage to laugh audience means that they listen to you and that you will be remembered, you havewin situation if they ask something, because then you have them 100%. With humor you also show your project as interesting and that you love to work on it.

No pain, no success, so is the pitch. Practice until things snap into place. Below are beautiful and creative Startup Pitch Powerpont Presentations for inspiration and download:

Startup Pitch PowerPoint

FEATURES: 100 Slides, 16:9 (Full HD). Ready to use awesome icons. Rich animated slides. .pptx file. Documentation. 3 Interactive Business Model Canvas Slides Included. Download here.


4P Startup Pitch Deck BUNDLE

Every product inside this bundle is unique, with many different slides in each product. This bundle will help you turns ideas into persuasive presentations to communicate your messages clearly, meet your goals, and exceed expectations in everything from thought leadership and sales to everyday employee communication. Download here.

1. Pitch Deck – STRATEGY Item Detail Here
2. Pitch Deck – BUSINESS Item Detail Here
3. Pitch Deck – MARKETING Item Detail Here
4. Pitch Deck – DIGITAL Item Detail Here

Untitled-1 Untitled-2




Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation Template

Create your amazing pitch deck and wow your investors with clean and professional template. Use it in any kind of business! Main file includes: 60 PPTX files 1 PPTX with icons Readme file Color palettes. Features: 70 unique slides 3 Aspect Ratio (4:3 & 16:9 & A4) PPTX Custom animation for each slide Easy Editable Based on MasterSlides 10 color schemes on white and dark background versions All Charts Resizable and Editable Free Fonts No need additional software. Download here.


Autana Startup Pitch Powerpoint Template

Perfect for those presentations that are built wiht lots of numbers and comparison charts. The charts are easy to customize and help you deliver key results without boring the audience. Lots of infographic elements to include in your project, links to free icons and more. Differentiate from others. With over 40 slides including charts for your results, the team behind your success and more. Easily customizable, modify charts, texts and add more shapes. Download here.


Game Plan PowerPoint Template

Game Plan is sleek, minimalistic, professionally crafted PowerPoint template. Template features custom-made, unique slide layouts and easy customization. Change color of every element with few clicks and customize template for your needs. Additionally template already comes with 10 pre-made color themes – blue, green, red, teal, indigo, lime, retro and other. Game Plan PPT template is designed for multipurpose use – perfect for project presentation, showcase of portfolio, production catalog, annual business report or business plan. Pick from 100+ beautiful slide designs and make your desired look and feel. Using custom made PowerPoint template will make project instantly look more serious and professional – impress your clients or investitors! Download here.


The Digital – Modern Powerpoint Template

The Digital Features: 120 Unique Slides. Dark/Light Version Available. PPT, PPTX, POT, POTX Files. 4 .thmx File Added. 100% Vector Shapes. Easy to change colors & resize without losing image quality. All icons 100% Vector Shapes. 16:9 Aspect Ratio(Wide Screen). Image placeholder Available! Total 2400 Slides. Most Popular color schemed.(Top trend color). Full Animation (All slides & All image, text…). No Animated version included. Download here.




Peep PowerPoint Template

Peep is a clean and corporate PowerPoint template that can fits perfectly for your business presentation. It comes with 85+ unique sliders. You don’t need to waste much time for make changes on it and you’ll feel happy. I’m providing you multiple variations of services, team styles and charts. You can choose anyone of them and edit for your need such as changing number values on charts, add new slides, replace icons, move icons position, resize shapes, arrange charts. All those are effortless. It’s easy to change circle charts fill and it comes with 16:9 and 4:3 proportions. Included PPTX and PPT versions as well. Download here.