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How To Become Youtube Partner

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YouTube Partner

Video streaming and blogging is very popular nowadays, and YouTube is probably one of people’s favorite sites for hosting videos. It’s true that you can make money by uploading on YouTube, but with using YouTube partnership program. You should also create or already have AdSense account when applying for partnership.

Concept of being YouTube partner looks simple. You create and publish videos and build audience around it. Then each time person clicks, views or likes video with ad on your channel you will earn some profit. It depends how much on many criteria. If you are more serious into this, and wanting to generate much more revenues you should have tens of thousand views of videos each month.

One of greatest benefit of being in YouTube program is that you don’t need to handle revenue collection, placement of ads and your payments as Google does all of this for you. When your channel is established, you need to register for program, and you do it only once. When you turn on the functionality to monetize videos, ads will start to appear automatically on your channel page. The ads that are on your videos are relevant to the content of it, based on tags and description you associated the video. Being the YouTube partner, you have no control of ads that are appearing on your videos or any of ad content or message as this is all done by Google.

Each video you are trying to monetize is reviewed before any of the ads are being placed. You must follow some of the rules in order to maintain your account. For every video you upload you need to own the rights. That includes images, text or music. Anything you want to upload but don’t have the rights, you need a written permission. Do not upload violent, shocking videos or videos with sexual content, as well as hate speeches.

After you are registered in partner program and your channel is all set up it’s time to turn on the ad features for each video you have. After this, link your YouTube account to AdSense. That’s it, you are up and running, good luck!