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Remarketing- How To Prepare A Campaign


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Remarketing is a process that will help you in reaching people who already visit your webpage or used your applications. These kind of campaigns will provide you with all reports and extra settings for the purpose of reaching previous users and visitors. When you are setting up first campaign, you need to complete processes to create remarketing lists and tag. So you must understand that tags should not be associated with nothing personally or any of your sensitive information. You need to follow policy for advertising if you are creating new remarketing campaign and placing tag on mobile app or webpage.


The biggest difference from standard display advertising is that remarketing is based on targeting. It’s using special tracking code where it places cookies in visitor’s PC and then serves ads on the other websites to those targeted users.

Whats the main point of doing remarketing at all?

Well, it’s really all about finding that people, who came to your website and showed enough interest in your services and products. These people are more likely to take some action. So for conversion there’s a bunch of different methods you can use to target those people in best possible way. You got to know how to make most of your ads, which websites are perfect for targeting, and how to optimize campaigns for remarketing.

First step in every remarketing is knowing how to select your audience. So develop a strategy and analyze data. You will need to decide which of your visitors you want to target with ads and which one you don’t. There are few different ways how you decide this. First you select them based on the product they visited, then based on certain pages.. You can target anyone based on their URLs.  Create page of thank you after people fill form and submit their email addresses to sign up so they can get more information.


The next step is placing remarketing code. It’s a special code that you need to use so you can put cookies in PCs of your visitors. After you’ve done with this, create list for remarketing. For instance, you can make list for visitors of the most popular products in your category page.

Next is choosing member duration which means how long you want a cookie to stay in someone’s computer. The most they can last is up to 180 days. But be aware, you can start to annoy people if you are showing them too much ads. With remarketing you can reach people who are most likely to buy something from you. The list is tailored to only your advertising goals and creating ads is easy. Remember that most of the time you can directly perform remarketing to visitors wherever they came. If they have cookie from your product page, it’s usually safe to try to land them back on page of products.

Remarketing, is perfect way to promote your brad, or increase conversions. Doesn’t matter if you want to drive the activity of sales, remarketing can and should be the advertising component of our business. If you tailor bids to very specific customers along with tailored ads you can receive tremendous return to accounts.