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What REALLY Happens on YouTube in 24 Hours


Although it sometimes seems that YouTube is a part of our lives since its inception, but the truth is that this social network exsists for only 10 years, and like everything else in the world it is quite evolved over the years. YouTube has since then definitely gave the world a whole new dimension of media consumption, and its figures today are really stunning. Check this out:

  • YouTube is now used by more than one billion people.
  • It is estimated that YouTube in 2014 earned more than $ 4 billion.
  • Daily YouTube records over 4 billion views.
  • Monthly people viewing more than six billion hours of videos.

At this tremendous online video platform every minute are published as many as 300 hours of video materials of all kinds, from music and interesting facts, to news and DIY tips. But whatever you are looking for as a way to entertain, on YouTube, you can always find something.

Have you ever wondered what happens on YouTube in 24 hours? Below you can check infographic which shows what’s REALLY uploaded, deleted and claimed in a single day on YouTube. This data can also help marketers for their video marketing strategy in 2016. Remember, content is king, and online video content is set to rule the world in 2016.

Youtube in 24 hours