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How Important Is The IT Manager

the it manager

How Important Is The IT Manager

The job of IT manager

IT managers are important and imperative to business as they are the ones who carrying out information. Their responsibilities and roles depends on the structure, nature and size of the specific technology. There are many roles that IT managers do but the core ones are operational, managerial, consultant, training, team leader and operational role. Technology is incorporated practically in every area of business today, so it’s very important for managers to understand what are the basic IT concepts.

Every manager should strive for developing technological knowledge and skills so they could perform their jobs and tasks more effectively. In today’s digital age there is aspect of technology in every project or job. Everything is important. From basic things like knowing to work on computer, perform software operation to the ability of setting up technology and mobile based equipment to improve further the workflow of your company. IT manager has to be able to do these technological tasks everyday as well as be aware how other workers are using it.

Having good IT manager comes on a second place as one of most important roles for the success of your business.  There are many common issues one can experience at work and this is where IT managers are playing big role. On the first place as the biggest issue is computer crashing with the rate of 27%. Second is lack of access to the internet with 20%. On the third place as common issue is losing important documents with 11%. On the fourth places are broken printers which needs to be fixed or replaced with common rate of 10%. The other issues are printer running out of paper, hacking or even not being able to use the phone system.

The majority of IT managers are males with 75% rate, while there are 25% females. IT manager has to have qualities such as knowing how to quickly fix something, quickly response, approachable, easy to understand, patient, friendly, giving support from start to finish and even funny. If you recognized yourself in those descriptions maybe IT manager is your new calling.