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The Anatomy of a Terrible Web Host

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The Anatomy of a Terrible Web Host

Having a good web host is one of most crucial aspects of your webpage. If you choose bad web host it will not only affect your web site but also cost you lots of money. Web hosting is playing big role in your authority online. There are some signs that can tell you how bad the anatomy of particular web host is. It’s important for your business to understand what is what so you can separate good from bad.

Here are some of the signs that will let you know you are picking on a terrible web host. What is really important for your page is making sure that site has great uptime as it can directly have an effect on conversions and sales. If you have too much downtime it will reflect statistics of traffic. Trust me, no one likes page that is down more then 20% of time. You’re loosing money every second your site is down.

Next sign that you need to consider is how good or in this case bad customer service is. It should be available to you 24 hours every day, 7 days in a week. Whether you have viruses, adware or any other malfunction within your page, it’s the department of customer service that should be able to help you and guide you. If you can’t contact customer service or somehow get in touch with them it’s real problem.

The third problem could be slow loading. It can be crucial factor that will determine whether your customers will convert into sales. It’s really annoying to wait page to load so if yours takes too much time customers will move to other websites in couple of moments. Just be aware that, if your page needs more then 3 seconds for loading, you should change your web hosting service.

Security on your webpage should be on the top level. If the hosting service does not offer antivirus software, firewall technology you are at the high risk of getting hacked or losing your valuable information. Choose hosting company that will provide you with best possible security level so you can be safe. If for example you have online store, data from your customers is also at risk and not just your information.

The features that are offered within your host service should be in the rang of the price itself. If you are paying money to hosting company and don’t receive some of these essential features you need to find other that will be more suited for your needs. Having a good web hosting is crucial for the success of your website. If you go with the terrible web host you’re giving yourself disadvantage in the start. If you recognize that web host you’re using has any of these attributes, stop the subscription and go with another and better choice.