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How To Use Pinterest For Marketing


How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

You probably wonder how to get noticed on Pinterest since you want to use it for marketing. Pinterest is one of the most effective ways to promote online business. But why you should use exactly Pinterest for promoting business? Well, the audience is sure there! If you don’t believe me read this statistics. 33% of millennials are there, 21% of men in U.S. only are on Pinterest with 55% of women aged 18 to 55. See, those people are there no matter age number, your future audience is spending good time on Pinterest. It’s a platform that’s getting hotter each day. Pinterest is for sure not just another social network. It’s growing with rapid pace. Whether you’re searching something for decoration of home, dinner party or just looking something for your PC, Pinterest will help you capturing those ideas, dreams and thoughts.

People on Pinterest are likely to spend more money, especially on food with the rate of 79%. Other things are for home, beauty and health products and clothing. People are very inspired on Pinterest. So you’re now asking how can you use Pinterest for business?  First you have to connect with right pinners, search around if you can find individuals who are already in a seek of your service or product. Pinterest is after all discovery engine so take advantage of their targeted search. The goal is to keep building relationship with pinners who are influential so they can help you in spreading your reach. Just because someone has many followers doesn’t have to mean he’s the perfect for your business. An account of 30,000 followers can have bigger effect to drive audience to your page than account with 1 million followers. Start creating content that audience will love. Content that is published on Pinterest is there for much longer then on any other social network. What was pinned 5 weeks ago could suddenly become viral.

You need to go inside the mind of your audience to create content that is both quality and tailored for them. You just have to know what they’re searching for. Create high quality rich pins if you want to have reliable stream of traffic.  Pin more to get more pins to be seen, pay close attention whats driving traffic. Maybe certain style of pin is making your customers buy more. Keep in mind that timing is one of crucial factors. Try to pin images to every single post you make. Having account on Pinterest doesn’t have to mean you can leverage with other social networks. More mature ones like Twitter and Facebook are having better targeting and more users. You can use both of those platforms for bigger promotion that will help you boosting the following of your Pinterest account.

Just imagine that you can learn how to create attractive content or discover where you can find audience that will look exactly for your service or product before you even made and targeting or contact. This is the power of Pinterest.