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Prevent Flooding on Your Property With These Driveway Drainage Solutions

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An effective drainage solution is one of the driveway essentials that help to not only maintain the integrity of your driveway’s surface but also prevent your property from being flooded.

There are several ways to ensure that your driveway drains properly, a reputable surfacing contractor like Kane Construction will ensure your driveway has adequate drainage included, but in the case, your driveway is badly designed – below are some of the effective drainage solutions you can consider.

Adding a Gradient

If your choice of driveway material is something more traditional, like concrete (or another hard surface), your driveway will need to be built on a gradient to prevent the build-up of water.

This gradient allows water (especially rainwater) to drain away quite easily. With this type of drainage solution, you will need to carefully consider where the drained water will be channeled.

In most cases, the water is channeled toward a purpose-built permeable area, typically on your property (a lawn, border, or soak-away). This means that this type of drainage solution will require you to get planning permissions, especially in countries like the UK.

Consider Going for Gravel

Gravel is a driveway surfacing material that is quite permeable. Its permeability allows water to naturally soak away, so there is no need for any additional drainage. A gravel driveway is also quite budget-friendly and easy to install.

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They are also easy to maintain especially when you use grids (plastic or concrete) to keep the gravel in place. Hardy grass, which drains well and is attractive, can also be used to fill these grids.

Drainage Pipes and Gullies

Just like how storm drains are used to direct water off from pathways and roads, water on your driveway can be drained by using drainage pipes and gullies. An advantage of this drainage solution is how flexible the placement of the pipes is.

The pipes can actually be redirected, so the drained water goes into other parts of your property, like ponds and other water installations. It can even be used to water plants and trees or just directed into a storm drain.

Build a Swale

Another budget-friendly driveway drainage solution that prevents flooding is a swale. A swale is a tiny ditch dug on both sides of the ground. The opening is typically wide (broad) with a shallow depth. Swales are applicable for driveways that are either surrounded by land or have land tilting in the direction of the driveway (on both sides).

The swale works by channeling rainwater to an area that is below the driveway, forming a collection point (like a soak-away) where the water can seep back into the soil.

One advantage of a swale is that they provide a way for you to make your driveway’s drainage more appealing, as they can be customized. They can be covered with plants, bushes, rocks, ornaments, and even flowers, just so they can be blended in with the surrounding landscape.

Install Porous Paving

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One full-proof driveway drainage solution you should consider is the use of a driveway surfacing material that is porous. Driveways like gravel, resin-bound, and permeable block paving have high porosity, which makes it easy for surface water to drain away.

These types of driveways are also low maintenance and have a variety of styles available. Installing them might be a little expensive, but when you consider their benefits, it is a worthy investment.

Trench Drain

Building a trench (channel) drain is another effective solution for driveway drainage. These trench drains are linear drains that direct water through a drainage system (typically underground) and disperses the water over a large permeable area or into a soak-away.


Proper drainage is a must-have when installing a driveway. It is what ensures that the integrity of your driveway’s surface is maintained and that your home isn’t at any risk of being flooded. There are different types of driveway drainage, and the above-mentioned ones are some of the most effective and affordable.

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