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Google Self-driving Cars – infographic


With Google self-driving cars, problems related to drunk driving or driver distraction are part of history. Obstacles are neither diminished vision, immobile limbs, or even their complete absence.

This self-driving car is actually a very “basic”, because Google want to get people to adapt as quickly as possible, so that within it you can find only two seats and a screen that shows you map of your path. This Google car was created with a focus on safety, and has sensors for detecting “blind spot”, and thanks to high technology, sensors can detect objects at a distance greater than two football fields in all directions. For now the Google self-driving car will have a top speed of 40 km per hour or 24.86 miles per hour.

Self-driving cars has crossed thousands of miles on the streets of California town of Mountain View, without a single accident, and its creators in the meantime improve the software …

The Google car now also recognizes the hundreds of items at a great distance, and flawless can make out a pedestrian, a bus, which is the color of the traffic light and it stands on the road signs. The best part says, in contrast to men that the software never tires and anything can’t attract its attention, but its creators admit they still need to work on it before the project would be declared successful and reliable.

In infographic below you can find out which technologies power this amazing Google self-driving cars: