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Google Play Infographic: The Most Wanted Apps, Games and Entertainment content in 2014


Definitely, the development of applications for mobile platforms and devices is one of the most important segments of the IT business, and Google, with its online store Google Play is the most popular …

In relation to the App Store, Google Play in 2014 recorded a total growth of applications by as much as 50% compared to a year earlier. So at the end of last year was 1.43 million applications available for all those who use Android devices, and those who use Apple’s iOS had to be content with “only” 1.21 million applications. The truth is, of course, that Google easier to reach a larger number of users, since Android is used on the vast number of devices from different manufacturers, while iOS is reserved only for Apple devices, but it is also true that in 2013, the App Store was leading by number of applications. We do not know why the Windows Phone and its repository is not included in this report, but the third position holds Amazon’s online store where you can find 293 000 applications.


Google Play is, overall, all categories that are relevant to repositories of applications, grew by 180%, while Apple’s App Store and Amazon’s App Store at the end of 2014 total increased by 160%. Developers and development teams dealing with the “production” of applications prefer Google Play. There are more than 400 000 developers and for the third consecutive year, is recorded a far greater number than developers who are logged on the App Store, and at the end of last year there were 300 thousand of them. As for Amazon’s store applications and developers who create applications for the same, there was 50,000 of them.

For more information about which apps, games and entertainment content, are the most wanted in 2014 at the Google Play Store, see the infographic below: