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Google AdWords [infographic]


Google’s advertising program Google AdWords is the most effective form of advertising on the Internet. It allows positioning of your website on the search results for the most important keywords. Showing your ads FREE – you pay a certain amount only when a visitor clicks on your ad. Pay per click Google Adwords makes one of the most effective internet marketing model – but only if you allow certified professionals to do a Google AdWords campaign for you.

The principle of operation is very simple, the company selects keywords, which when the user type in a search or access the page containing the given key, activate the display of ad. The only price that the company pay is a click.

Service is possible to control spending on a daily basis and the amount of costs per click (aka. CPC – Costs per Click). The campaign can be stopped at any time and in the same way restart. In addition to displaying text ads with Google, the ads will appear in the form of text and banners in different (mostly highly visited) global sites (program for media advertising AdSense).

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Below you can check out infographic about Google AdWords: