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What Google statistics say about EDM? – Infographic


Google knows all, Google knows what you want and look for before you type it and knows what you want even before you know it. 😀

But Google is not just a search engine but a huge system of statistics that continuously collects data on social trends that are carved their paths in cultural landscape. Google does not follow only what the masses want, but also by age groups interested in specific trend or lifestyle options.

It is particularly interesting statistic that shows the growth of EDM (Electronic Dance Musc), which occupies more music media space. Regardless of whether the EDM is your cup of tea, you despise it or not cultivate just any emotion towards this most mainstream version of electronic music on steroids, statistics is certainly intriguing.

So, on youtube is observed a huge increase of subscribers to the channels that serve as hosts of EDM music. 60% more subscribers with smartphones, 77% more watching of television shows and 175% increase in the number of those who using the game console. On the Billboard TOP 100, 9 tracks are coming from this specific genre and official youtube versions of these songs together have 2.3 billion views. Yes, that’s right, billion with a “b”.

These statistics may have been expected but the surprise is that in the first half of 2014, a huge increase of interest in EDM was recorded in the age group between 35 and 49 years. The arrow jumped above 80%. Despite this increase most represented group are still listeners under 25, although the fastest growth is recorded in group of fans between 25 and 34 years. This is logical, because you’re still young enough that you can withstand all the long sleepless nights and already have sufficient purchasing power to finance your invasions on concerts, festivals and events and just’re still so naive that you lie you’ll be able to work normally tomorrow.

Whatever your attitude is, check out this infographic, you might learn something, you might have some fun, or just get a chance to roll your eyes.