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What is Google Penguin Algorithm 3.0? [Infographic]

Img source: skycomputer.co

Google has updated in October 17th its Pinguin algorithm that is fighting against undesirable and low-quality feedback. The new version has the designation 3.0. The update affects all Google users around the world.

Google Penguin algorithm is known to all who have websites, webmasters and SEO team. Some of them algorithm will be a nightmare. The Penguin algorithm aims to degrade those sites that have a bad connection in the profiles and violate the guidelines about connecting or using illegal SEO techniques for better ranking. Looking at the user side is designed to reduce the amount of spam on the Internet, offering a better search experience.

The algorithm combing websites and search unnatural links that are found on other websites and link to a website. Under poor connections include the paid links (links purchased, links with non-indexed domains, 301 redirects, etc.)

If you own a website and you focus on quality content, just in case it would be desirable that through a backlink identification tool to check which sites are linking to your site and remove any links that Google algorithm can be seen in a negative light and harm your profile. In the meantime, look very good quality infographic caused by digital marketing agency Glow New Media, which includes information on what is the Penguin, history, purpose, and the other things that should be avoided.

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