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Google Analytics for Improving Conversion Rate – infographic


Number of social networks is growing, and choosing which of them you will devote your time is not harmless. Have a good quality and authentic insight into traffic which your published content achieving on individual networks can help you in creating more successful and better campaign. Google Analytics can certainly contribute to this improvement.

Regardless of whether you are an individual, or have a small company or a large one, Google Analytics can help you very much in the analysis of your business on the internet, even it is free! Google Analytics is a good solution for web analysis, and allows you to monitor data on conversations at a particular Internet sites, analyze the flow of visitors to a particular web site and identify its elements, which would eventually could be changed to keep visitors on page as long as possible.

Considering the fact that using this service, you can discover what are the keywords that have greater resonance with your (potential) users or customers and that lead to conversations, what content keeps visitors and when users often left your web site it’s not surprising that Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for the analysis of your presence on the Internet. To fully benefit from it, it is necessary to keep in mind several things.

Primarily it is necessary to identify where it comes from the traffic that you receive at your Internet address, whether it is social network, website or blog. Such information is important for a particular business objective, such ad on Facebook that will still have more effect in the targeted, selected audience – those for which you are sure they know your product or, even better, use it. One should not ignore the fact whether users accessing your site through a computer or mobile device. It’s recorded sn increasing number of smartphone users who are increasingly accessing the Internet through them, not through computer. In particular, this applies to social networks because every smart phone has an application for each social network, and show how a growing number of users at least once a day “on the fly” checks their profile, refreshes them with new revelations or viewing other people’s content. In this case not all the content is displayed same as the published content on the computer. Most of the sites are optimized for display on various devices, but it can happen that you publish content that will not be viewed or will be partly viewed if it’s not reviewed on a computer.

Using Google Analytics, you can easily get to the data of what percentage is of viewing the published content via mobile devices. This certainly can avoid awkwardness when publishing content on the Internet and allow it to be clear and transparent to all. What is also quite important is to recognize on which social networking you leave a better impression, because such information can encourage you to devote more time just to that particulary network on which you receive better results. If you, for example, are more active on Facebook while on Twitter not (although on this social network you have created the profile), it does not mean that the results that you receive on Facebook are better. This is important for those who seek to improve their marketing.

In addition to using Google Analytics, you can follow in detail all what is happening on your website, blog or profile on a social network, which can be very helpful in improving your activities on the Internet, this tool can help you focus when it comes to choosing social networks. Anyway, today by the term marketing is more considered to how marketing is being developed on a particular social network, therefore, would be a great omission to make a mistake at the beginning, when choosing which social network you will devote more time.

In any case it’s never too late – Google Analytics will incite you to change marketing tactics that you were currently applying in order to achieve better success, or help you to decide to devote more time to a network that, according to Google Analytics, brings better results.

Below is great infographic which will help you to improve your makreting using Google Analytics:

google analytics infographic