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How Would World Look Like Without Internet – infographic


Many of us can not imagine a day without internet. And how would world look like if Internet does not exist? In this case we could say goodbye to more than 550 million web pages, forget about 2.3 trillion dollars (per year) from the internet economy, and most importantly – we would have lost a tool to communicate with more than 2.3 billion people who use internet daily…

If the internet does not exist, there would not be free encyclopedia, such as Wikipedia, and information you will, for example, looking for in a set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The complete set costs $ 1,200. If emails don’t exist, the cost of sending regular mail, would be 6.3 billion dollars only for America. There would be no Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, and wouldn’t be thousands and thousands of those who work in internet business.

The world would seem a lot smaller, dissemination of information would be limited. Many of the revolutions would have played more slowly (for the demolition of the Berlin Wall, it took four months, organizing the revolution in Egypt took a week).

That there is no internet, you would be forced to spend time outdoors and having fun with friends, instead of in front of the monitor ‘liking’ latest virtual publication. It is very likely that you would have greater interest in your appearance, but also nurturing relationships. Also, it is very likely that people would be a bit more concered about their life ambitions.

The world would be different, but definitely not better according to this infographic which shows How Would World Look Like Without Internet. You might think that without Internet people would be less lazy, but we should not forget that in addition to the interent faster communication and increased availability of information it provides jobs for many of them.