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Wacky Dating Lingo in 2024

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In 2024, a new set of terms has emerged, reflecting the unique trends and shifts in how people connect and communicate. From ghosting to breadcrumbing, each year adds more phrases to the mix.

Now, with the source of new technologies and social platforms, the dating dictionary continues to expand, incorporating terms that would have been incomprehensible a decade ago.

Evolving Language in Modern Dating

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In recent years, dating terminology has expanded significantly. One encounters terms that might seem perplexing at first glance. Understanding these terms can provide insights into modern dating dynamics.

For instance, “ghosting” refers to the act of suddenly cutting off all communication with someone one has been seeing but no longer wishes to date. This term reflects a specific behavior prevalent in contemporary dating scenarios.

The Emergence of “Breadcrumbing”

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“Breadcrumbing” is another term that has gained traction. It describes the act of sending intermittent, non-committal messages to a romantic interest, enough to keep them interested without offering any real commitment.

This term encapsulates a common pattern observed in modern digital communication, where the ease of messaging can lead to ambiguous interactions.

“Dating Unicorn” – A Unique Phenomenon

The term dating unicorn has seen a rise in usage. Often, this term is used to describe a person who is considered rare and highly desirable within certain dating circles. They are often perceived as possessing an ideal blend of attributes sought after in a partner. The rarity of these attributes gives rise to the term’s mystical connotation.

“Cushioning” – A Safety Net in Dating

The concept of “cushioning” has emerged in the dating vernacular. It involves maintaining several romantic prospects on the back burner as a safety net in case one’s current relationship does not work out. This term reflects a strategy employed by some individuals to navigate the uncertainties of modern relationships.

“Zombieing” – A Return from the Dating Dead

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Another intriguing term is “zombieing.” This occurs when someone who previously ghosted suddenly reappears in a person’s life, often without explanation. The imagery of coming back from the ‘dead’ aptly captures the unexpected and sometimes unsettling nature of such reappearances.

“Submarining” – Resurfacing in the Dating Scene

“Submarining” is a term that has surfaced in recent times. This phenomenon occurs when someone with whom one has lost contact suddenly reappears, much like a submarine.

Unlike “zombieing,” submarining may sometimes involve an acknowledgement or explanation for the disappearance. This term provides a metaphor for understanding a particular pattern of behavior in dating where individuals resurface in others’ lives unexpectedly.

“Kittenfishing” – A Milder Form of Deception

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Another term gaining attention is “kittenfishing.” This concept is a less severe form of “catfishing.”

It involves presenting oneself in an unrealistically positive light on dating profiles, such as using heavily edited photos or exaggerating personal interests and achievements. Kittenfishing reflects a tendency among some individuals to slightly alter their online persona to appear more appealing in the dating world.

“Love Bombing” – Intense Affection with a Twist

Lastly, the term “love bombing” has become increasingly relevant. It describes a situation where one person showers another with excessive affection, gifts, and attention early in the relationship.

While it might initially seem like genuine affection, love bombing can sometimes be a manipulative tactic to gain control or affection quickly. This term helps in understanding certain dynamics where affection is used excessively and potentially as a tool for manipulation in relationships.

The Significance of Understanding Modern Dating Terms

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Navigating the current dating scene can be complex, and understanding the lingo is part of this journey. These terms offer a lens through which the intricacies of modern relationships can be viewed. They reflect various behaviors and trends that are now commonplace in the domain of dating.


The world of dating is constantly evolving, with new terms emerging to describe the myriad experiences and behaviors in modern relationships. From “ghosting” to “zombieing,” these terms provide a unique vocabulary for discussing contemporary dating dynamics. It is important to approach these terms with a sense of curiosity and an understanding of their context within the broader landscape of modern dating.