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Biometric Sensors And Biosensors Bring Big Change

Biometric Sensors And Biosensors Bring Big Change

Biometric Sensors And Biosesnros Bring Big Change

Both Biosensors and biometric sensors have potential to completely alter and change the world we live in now and especially the areas in military, healthcare, smart cities and internet. In the wake of new technology and innovations, markets are undergoing sets of big changes. It is estimated, that by the year 2018 the market for wireless sensors will be well worth over $ 102 billion dollars. Just imagine how biosensors will improve the overall quality of life, from public to personal health. You can for example wear bracelet that will tell you how much heartbeats or calories you’ve burned throughout the day. There are many benefits with these gadgets. They are durable, reliable, portable and really easy to use. You can diagnose yourself and type of health problem is bothering you, from home. You also get 24 hour continuous live monitoring. The market of biosensors was worth almost $13 billion dollars and by the year 2024 it’s expected to grow almost double being worth around $ 22 billion dollars.

We can see today’s biosensors in a form of smart inhalers, contact lenses, pills, and even clothing. Google smart lenses can be used to communicate levels of glucose and track it wirelessly. When it comes to textiles, there will be gears equipped with biosensors inside that can read breathing, heart and muscle effort rates. This can be of big benefit for professional athletes so they can train more safely and effectively. Only in U.S, it’s expected that demand for biosensors will grow by 77%. They are used in urology, neurology, orthopedics, ophthalmologic surgeries and cardiovascular diseases. In the near future, biosensors are expected to be connected with healthcare systems. For example if connected with records of electronic health we can see much improvement in real time care continuously, especially around patient engagement and compliance.

What’s great about biometric sensors is that they are consuming very little power, only around 0.1 microwatts. The energy is being harvested from different sources of ambient such as: vibrations from environment, indoor and infrared light, human power and eField. Because of those micro generators, sensors can act like self powered sensors. It’s estimated that the market for devices that are harvesting energy will be almost $30 billions by year 2024. Biosensors technology will not benefit the help sector but also enable security with just a glance or simple touch. With the help of biometrics people will enjoy strong authentication, security of information and unprecedented identification.

The market of biometric sensors will mostly focus on finger scanners with 43% approach, while facial recognition taking 26% of market and iris recognition only 13.2%. Today, we are in mobile world, everything is driven by it and so is market. Soon enough, for example gaming market could drive profit from biometrics too. Only in Airports around the world, companies are investing $105 million dollars for iris and finger print scans. Even Microsoft is building capabilities of a biometric nature into their Windows 10 OS. I think the general public is ready for this type of technology as there was a global study which showed 87% are ready to share their biometirc data with governments around the world for the purpose of security reasons.