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Here is Why You Should Get a Home Security Camera


A question that I ask myself when it comes to this subject is, why do I have to get a security camera ? Well, I don’t have to, until I regret to not have one. I’m living in a fairly safe area of a town, and I didn’t heard for a crime in a long time here, but as many of you, I read and see a crime almost every day on the news or TV.

So while I feel quite safe I’m still thinking of buying one for my home to protect my house and family from intruders, you honestly never know who’s lurking in your neighborhood, in those moments I would like to catch a criminal or seeing his licence plate of the car and gladly report it to the police, and at the same time feeling like working for CSI ( don’t tell me you never thought about it ). I just wanna sleep tight and feel safe at night. There were many occasions at night when I was woken up from sounds and for a second I was scared, sometimes its hard to go to sleep without not checking if anyone is not entering your house, but, its usually just dogs or cats around backyard.

Cameras can be an effective power against robbers. Just by seeing a security camera could scare off a burglar. Crimes are always rising. As the technology advanced the prices for cameras has been reduced a lot, just like with other electric devices so its not just for the rich people anymore. A lot of the times if a person doesn’t have a camera, and gets robed, the burglar may leave no traces, so that person doesn’t have any evidence on a court.


Cameras can also be used in a lot of other occasions, for example you could use it as a baby monitor if you have a child. You could even buy few of the USB cameras and put each one in a room, all of them are connected to your smartphone so that you can control them even when you are away.

If you have an older member of the family you can set the camera in the room where the person is spending most of the time so you can keep an eye on them.  There are some many positive sides to this, you could even check your pets or see when your kids are coming back from school.

Even with all this advantages, some people just wanna stay informed. They wanna know who’s at the front door, or imagine that you are at your job and you see on your smartphone that the fire broke out in your house. That way you can react in time and stop it before devastating consequences.

If you are still thinking or doubting  aboutpurchasing home security camera consider this in your mind :

  • Fire in homes is reported approximately every 20-30 seconds
  • A robbery is reported each 15 seconds, while most burglars are robbing the place when most of the property owners are at work place
  • Most of the thieves are entering through back, front doors, and windows on the first floor.
  • Only 15 % of the things that burglars rob are returned by the Police

Although, there are lot of home security cameras over the past few years, you must know whats important to look for. People want a camera that’s simple to just set up and use. What I also noticed with lot of people is that they look for a design of camera, obviously you would like your camera to look good and fit into overall design of your home.

One of the best general home cameras that is capable of doing all this and beyond is called Nest, coming from Nest Labs company. This camera has a built in Wi-Fi, sound and motion detection and even records beyond 1080p so this means truly top notch video and content. This is the piece that I would buy if I’m ever planning to have one. You can find Nest camera on Amazon, for more info and purchase visit this link.

nest security camera

There are so many advantages when it comes to having home security camera. In the current world you will never be completely secured without one. What’s more, with the present costs one has little contention for not having camera either. So get your home camera today, if you are one of only a handful individuals who not have one.

Be sure to check the content below so you can remind yourself once again why its very important to have security camera in your home!

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