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Freelancing On The Rise

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“Digital” or “third industrial revolution” brought a big change in the way we live and work. The availability of a global network, facilitated communication and reach global markets favored the creation of generations of independent professionals or “freelancers.” Flexibility in work, time management and the possibility of remote operation are features of independent professionals that brings many benefits but also challenges that freelancers face every day.

In search of jobs and creation of contacts, most freelancers are using different platforms such as Freelance.com, Upwork, 99designs, and many others. The platforms function as a kind of stock exchange operations where authorities publish jobs and freelancers can choose job according to their expertise and knowledge. There are different business models on the platforms, and what is the biggest advantage of this type of job search is as freelancers at any time can choose what and to whom they want to work. Of course, there is a competitive factor among independent professionals as the motive for anyone to do the job better, and thus gain good references to help in getting new business. Owning a profile with relevant information, well done jobs, good preferences and continuous improvement through work are the features of a quality freelancers.

Freelancing is not a job or work – it’s a lifestyle. From that you can work at night because you just want to spend all day in the sun, to the fact that you have to work at night (and not, for example to go to the premiere of the latest movie hit) because you have a deadline next morning, and you have not yet moved to the deadlock. Everything that is an advantage freelancing, also may be its lack, so it is very important to have the right idea of ​​what awaits you.

Not everyone was born for freelancing, someone likes predictable working day and constant salary. Although some aspects sound idyllic, it is a life of daily struggle, thorough consideration, race with time and competition, but also a world of chaos beautiful in its unpredictability. The beginning is especially difficult, it may take months before you start to earn a concrete source of income, and even then there’s no guarantee how long it will take.

Everything really depends on you – on your engagement, networking, interest, assertiveness, organization, ability to sell your skills and quality and doing professional job. It is actually reassuring because you know that you are going to be rewarded for a good work, and for bad work you should blame yourself, but you can work on it. No more hard work overtime and that no one will recognize and appreciate, let alone reward. The focus here is primarily the job, and since other people can not change, we can work on ourselves and so in freelancing everyone is their own bosses.