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The Concept of Freelancing – Infographic


Looking for a job over the Internet? Wondering what is freelancing and what kind of freelance jobs are? Do you know who is a freelancer? Today we introduce you to these concepts and explain in more detail about what this is. Who knows, maybe you decide to become a freelancer.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is one of the best methods of making money on the internet. It depends entirely on the skills, abilities and experience of individual persons or freelancers. Freelance mode implies autonomous and independent work for the client. The work is based on the basis of temporary contracts or untemporary contracts.

Who is a freelancer? Freelancer is a self-employed worker. A person who is not a long-term related to one employer and can run simultaneously for more of them. Depending on their interests and knowledge freelancer takes projects for a particular company and deliver them in time. As soon as he finished his job he gets paid for the work done and moves on to a new project.

Who is in the job search process, he knows that most companies today seek and employ people with work experience. If you are fresh out of college and you can not find a job for a long time it is normal for you to experience missing. However, if you are resourceful and you feel you have enough knowledge for smaller projects, try out as a freelancer.

In addition to gain experience and improve your knowledge, in this way you will fill in the empty boxes in your CV. Also, if you are already employed and have an excess of free time make the most of your work experience for the extra work. In this time of recession and lack of jobs why not try to create a new way to make money.

The concept of freelancing is not limited to employees, but is equally beneficial for employers. Employers (basically a start-up companies) are able to find experienced employees without long-term contracts and at a great price.

Payment for freelance work depends on the agreement and the online community in which a freelancer working. Freelancer can arrange payment of their work in the form of subsistence, hourly charge or completed project. Payment arrangements in most cases is determined by hours of work. For more complex projects payment is best determined by stages, based on specific steps.

Some of the activities in which are the most common freelance jobs: translation, journalism, editing, programming, web design, graphic design, video production, music, multimedia, consulting, editing photos, event planning, project preparation, text editing, writing and advertising slogans, etc. .

It is important to mention that you are as a freelancer your own boss. So take as many jobs as you like, by organizing working time and no one can’t determine you what to do and how to behave. However, please remember that you must always respect the deadlines that you gave your employer.

There are plenty of web community where you can start your career. So in order to become a freelancer first step is to sign up with one of the freelance platform for online employment. Choosing the right ones is important because it supports getting your hard earned money.